Friday, May 27, 2011

Review: The Vampire Dimitri by Colleen Gleason

Book Description:

Regency London loves a Society wedding –

Even if there are vampires on the guest list.

Dimitri, the Earl of Corvindale, should be delighted that the headstrong Maia Woodmore is getting married. His mortal ward and houseguest has annoyed – and bewitched – the Dracule nobleman too long, and denying his animal cravings grows more excruciating by the day.

Miss Woodmore's family has a rather...complicated history with the immortals and she herself possesses a keen sensibility far beyond mere women's intuition. Marriage will give her safety, respectability, and everything else a proper young lady could wish for. Everything, that is, except for passion.

In the looming battle between Dracule factions, all pretenses will shatter as Maia and Dimitir come together in an unholy union of danger, desperation, and fiercest desire.


The events overlap with The Vampire Voss, something that I had not anticipated but enjoyed all the same, and the reader is provided new details and different perspectives. In the first book you have Voss, the trickster and rake, falling for Angelica, the innocent that dares to be bold and defy the ton. Here we get Dimitri, the logical and honorable guardian that endlessly searches for a way out of the curse by denying himself the simplest of pleasures, and Maia, an intelligent know-it-all rule follower that seeks a future of stability and propriety. But let me tell you...the sparks fly!

The Regency Draculia is a wonderfully lush world that combines regency romance with fangs! Two excellent reading combinations blended into a beautiful love story. I liked Voss and Angelica, but I loved Dimitri and Maia. They just seemed more intense to me and the plot involving Lerina was full of twists and turns that kept the story moving. Next up, The Vampire Narcise!

Other books in the series:

The Vampire Voss (book 1)
The Vampire Narcise (book 3)

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*Reviewed by Anna Dougherty
*This book was obtained for review via NetGalley


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