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Shadow Path Blog Tour and Contest with P.L. Blair

Shadow Path Through Kat's Eyes

      Hello. And thank you for this opportunity to tell you a little about Shadow Path, the first book in my Portals series. Then I thought, maybe you'd like to hear about it from Corpus Christi, Texas, Police Detective Kat Morales. It's her story, after all. So, Kat, the stage is yours ... 
      The minute I saw that dead Ogre, I knew this case was going to be … different. What the hell – they're all “different” these days.

      My name's Kat Morales, and I'm a detective with CCPD. Used to be I investigated crimes committed by humans who used weapons like guns or knives, maybe poison –

      Now I was watching my partner, Tevis, check out an Ogre killed by a sword inscribed with magical runes. Runes, for Pete's sake!

      Oh, did I mention Tevis is an Elf?

      That's what's happened since the Portals opened – gateways to a world parallel with our own: A world where magic is real, and Elves and Ogres – not to mention Wizards, Pixies, Trolls, Dragons – they're real too. Turns out all the creatures we humans thought of as legend and folklore actually exist in this parallel world.

      And since the Portals opened, they exist in our world, too. They come through the Portals, from their world to ours, and they bring their magic with them. Some of them – too many – use their magic to commit crimes.

      The Ogre was just the beginning. Before long, Tevis and I are on the trail of a necromancer – a magic-wielder who specializes in death magic – who, it turns out, is an Elf. A female. 

      The – well, I won't say the word, just that it rhymes with “witch” and starts with a “B” – anyway, she sent a Pixie after me. Sounds harmless, right? Tinker Bell.

      Forget Tinker Bell. Real Pixies may be beautiful as Elves, but they're bloodthirsty little beasts with rows of teeth in their mouths like a great white shark's.

      Teeth they use to shred their prey. Damned Pixie almost got me – then it went after my cat!

      That's when I shot it.

      And all along, the real goal of this Elf necromancer – Coira – is Tevis. They were lovers once,  but he left her because he couldn't turn her from black magic, and he didn't want to follow her. So now she wants to kill him.

      But first she wants to torment him.

      I don't know where all this is going to end. Tevis was a practitioner of magic himself – the white kind, the good kind – but he gave that up. Now, to stop Coira's killing spree, he'll have to become a magic-wielder again. Because if he doesn't …

      Coira will win. And Tevis …will die.


The Ogre is dead, what's left of the murder weapon - a rune-inscribed sword - still in his
liquefying remains.

That's just the beginning for Kat Morales, a Human detective with the Corpus Christi, Texas,
police department and her Elf partner, Tevis. The two soon find themselves awash in Pixies,
Magic of the Blackest kind, and a trail that leads into Tevis' past, to a former lover, now a
necromancer, who wants to extinguish her old flame - permanently.

This first book in P.L. Blair's "Portals" fantasy adventure series begins at a time in Earth's
not-too-distant future when magical portals are opened between the world we now know and
the "otherside," a parallel world filled with magic and all manner of magical creatures and
beings. The "Portals" series will launch you on a wondrous journey of imagining what it
would be like if magic and creatures of myth and legend were to suddenly step into our world
for real.

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Contest information:
My thanks to Roxanne at Bewitching Book Tours and also to the author, P.L. Blair, for arranging this opportunity to meet Detective Kat Morales and check out the Portals world. We are lucky enough to have one print copy to give away to one lucky reader.

This contest is open to US residents only and you must leave a comment telling me about your favorite fantasy setting in a book. See, pretty easy. I happen to be a fan of The Dark Elf Trilogy from the Forgotten Realms, which was one of the first adventures I had within a fantasy setting and I highly recommend the series, or any book featuring Drizzt as a main character. But I also really enjoy modern settings with a fantasy twist. So tell me what you like about fantasy and I will choose one winner at random to get a print copy of Shadow Path. 

Please leave a contact email if one is not easily located in your profile. Contest ends June 30 and the winner will be announced the following weekend.


Laurie said...

Loved Kat Morales' guest post! This sounds like an interesting and very fun book. I'm a new follower.

I would enter your contest but honestly, how can I possibly limit myself to a single setting? So, I guess I'll pass.

Laurie's Thoughts & Reviews

Laurie said...

Tweeted this great post. :)!/lauriej170/status/83850786416771073

Erika said...

I like the lord of the rings setting, but this seems to be a good read!

Angelika Devlyn said...

Great post! Lots of fun!

I'm in the UK so don't enter me, but I wanted to pop by and offer my support.

Have to agree though, with the comment above, the Lord of the Rings setting is one that is very hard to beat! And extremely massive.

Have a great day, Pat.

plblair said...

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left a comment - and thanks to you, Anna, for hosting me here.