Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's finally here!!!!!!!!!!

Who's going this weekend?? We're making this a family outing and braving the crowds together, probably on's going to be a madhouse for sure. And I'm taking plenty of tissues because I plan on having a good cry. Make fun all you want but this has been a part of our family since before my kids were born, and for heaven's sake, the main movie theme is my ringtone! We've been watching all the movies in preparation and my son, monster #1, age 11 just finished reading the final book. If you have boys then you know how hard it is to get them to read anything that doesn't involve sports, so to say I'm proud of him would be an understatement. And his love of these books and movies has sparked some truly wonderful conversations around here. I could love J.K. Rowling for that alone! I'll miss you, Harry Potter.


Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

We're going tomorrow afternoon! I'm soo excited!

Anna (Bite Club) said...

Let me know what you think...but not until Sunday:)