Tuesday, July 5, 2011

True Blood Recap: Episode 2 - You Smell Like Dinner


Hello fellow Bite Clubbers and Truebies.  Sunday's episode wasn't as 'OMG WTF' as the premiere but, we definitely had some interesting plot twists and weird stuff going on.  So without further ado, let's get down to the good stuff.

Let's see where did we leave off?  Oh yeah, Eric was explaining to Sookie how he owned her now.  As you can imagine, Sookie didn't take too kindly to that kind of news.  Eric basically goes on to offer her protection because people will start to figure out what she is and she's going to need someone to protect her.  Not liking how this is starting to turn out, she heads over to Bill's house to see if he can help a sister out.  As soon as she steps foot onto his property she's held at gunpoint by his security team.  Sookie finds out what we at home already know, that Bill is now the King of Louisiana.  She asks him if there's any way he can help her buy back her house and/or get Eric off her back.  Bill says there's not much he can do but, he'll see if he can work something out.  Sookie starts to ask Bill how he became the King but, cuts him off before he can say anything because 'every time she finds out something about him she later wishes she didn't know'.  Sook heads in to work the next day and tries to make amends with Sam.  She tells him that as soon as she can talk about what happened to her that she'll tell him everything.  This seems to put him in a better mood.  Arlene and Terry walk in with baby Mickey and Sookie gets to finally meet the little tyke.  After her shift she heads back home and is surprised by a visit from Tara.  She also has some sort of scary Fairie vision but, it's fleeting.  They head into the house and discover notes left by Eric attached to either repaired or new things.  She also discovers that he's built a hidey hole in her house.  That Eric.  He's a slick one.  Later that evening she heads to Fangtasia to have a word with her new roomie.  After some very funny dialogue with Pam she heads to the restroom and discovers Jessica behaving rather unladylike.  This puts her over the edge and she decides to head back home.  On the way there she discovers a rather disoriented Eric walking along the side of road.  And this is where it should get real inneresting....

So after Bill gets the skinny from his witch spy, Katerina, he proceeds to um, thank her for her services.  *shivers*  In the middle of their um, horizontal mambo action he senses Sookie on the property.  Too bad he doesn't have enough time to cover up the evidence of their little "meeting".  After agreeing to try to help Sookie we're shown one of two flashbacks.  Rewind to 1982 where we see a punk rock version of Bill snacking on a bartender.  After he's done getting his fill he runs into Nan Flanagan (yes, THAT Nan Flanagan).  She explains that she's been looking for vampires like him to join her organization.  She needs help infiltrating the monarchies.  I know, it didn't make much sense to me either until his next flashback.  Eric drops in for a visit and and Bill tries to convince him to give Sookie back her house.  Obviously Eric refuses which obviously pisses off Bill.  Bill then orders him to check out the coven because they're said to be dabbling in necromancy.  Eric starts to say that he'll send Pam and Bill demands that he check it out himself.  Then we get launched into flashback numero dos.  We see his face off with Sophie-Anne.  For those of us who were wondering how the hell Bill defeated a vampire way older than him, we finally get the answer.  Turns out Nan (yes, that Nan) sends in a death squad to off Sophie-Anne so that Bill can take over.  Told ya the first flashback would make sense after seeing/reading the second one.  Quite an interesting little twist, no?

Oh that sneaky ass Eric.  Hate to say it because you guys are going to throw stuff at me but, I loved how this episode ended.  But before I get to that let me see what I can add to this section that I haven't already touched on in Sookie and Bill's sections.  Hmm...tells Sookie he owns her...gives her new stuff and builds hidey hole in her house....gets ordered by Bill to investigate witches....well looks like that stuff's been covered so let's get to the highlight of the episode (at least for me).  Eric heads to the coven and after a dramatic entrance tells Marnie that she is to disband the coven immediately.  She attempts to negotiate with him which only leads him to attack her.  Tara tries to stake him unsuccessfully and when he's about to go in on her Holly begins to chant.  Everyone takes her lead and they end up closing Eric in a circle.  Marnie casts her spell and while she does her eyes start to glow and she begins to flash in and out as another woman.  You can see that Eric starts to become entranced and once the spell stops he takes off.

*sigh*  Yet another episode with no Alcide.  I'm not liking you very much right now Mr. Ball.

Poor Jason.  He wakes up tied to a bed with one of the Hot Shot kids licking his head wound.  This is definitely bad news.  He then finds out that Fenton is behind his kidnapping which is more bad news.  The icing on the cake is when Crystal walks in and tells Jason that Fenton's got her hopped up on V.  His only chance to be rescued is Andy who drives into Hot Shot looking for V.  Fenton recognizes the withdrawal symptoms and makes one of the residents give Andy a vial of V.  Once Andy has what he's looking for he takes off.  Crystal and Fenton finally reveal why they're holding Jason captive.  Since Fenton's shooting blanks, they plan to turn Jason into a panther so that they can continue their blood line.  Did I mention that I really, really dislike Crystal AND Fenton.  I hope they both get offed this season.  Anywhoozle, they shift and start to bite Jason.  Hope Jason can at least get out of this before Crystal jumps his bones.

Unfortunately, we don't get much of Pam.  The only time we get to see her is when Sookie heads to Fangtasia to see Eric.  Pam gives her some Pam style advice and heads off into the bar.

While exiting the club Hoyt ends up getting into a fight with several protesters.  The next night Jessica wakes up and tries to help Hoyt tend to his wounds.  Hoyt being the dummy he is sometimes makes a comment about Jessica's blood that infuriates her.  She ends up leaving the house and heading to Fangtasia.  Once inside she turns on the vamp predator switch and picks a meal for the evening.  While she's feeding in the restroom, Sookie walks in and hears her.  Sookie tries talking to her but, Jessica doesn't want to hear it.  Things aren't looking good for the happy couple.

After their majestic run as horses, Sam attempts to hit on Luna.  She kind of freaks out and takes off.  The next day at the bar Sam receives a surprise visit from Luna who says she wants to try to be more open with him.  And just like that Sam's got him a new girlfriend.  Later that evening Sam's new group of shifter friends are sitting around a camp fire talking about the craziest thing they ever shifted into.  Luna confesses that she shifted into her mother.  This kind of weirds out the group but, they don't have long to process it because they pick up on another shifter's scent.  Sam knows exactly who it is and goes after his brother.  Once he catches up to him they have this weird brotherly conversation butt ass naked in the woods about starting to trust one another again.  Let's see how this works out for the pair of them.

After surprising Sookie, she heads over to Lafayette's house to say hi.  He tells her that they're heading to a coven meeting and she decides to tag along.  And this is where the shit hits the fan for her.  After attempting to stay out of the craziness she gets dragged right back in.  Not sure what consequences she'll face for trying to stake Eric but, I'm sure she'll have to deal with some.  I almost wish she'd stayed in New Orleans.  I hate seeing her sucked back into this.

Oh Lafayette.  When will you learn to keep your butt out of trouble?  After helping cast the circle that eventually leads to Eric's amnesia, I am certain that things are going to get very, very bad for Lafayette.

Arlene & Terry
Poor baby Mickey.  I think Arlene's givin' him a bad wrap.  After running into Sookie at Merlotte's who makes the mistake of saying the baby has an old soul, Terry and Arlene head to the kitchen.  She takes a look at Mickey and ends up with a popped blood vessel in her eye.  She thinks the baby's responsible and storms out.  I think she's taking this a little too far but, I guess only time will tell.

Favorite Quotes

'Your blood tastes like freedom Sookie.  Like sunshine in a pretty blond bottle.'
-Eric to Sookie

'You two lovebirds go on home okay.  Let these good people practice their constitutional right to be fucking idiots.'
-Pam to Jessica and Hoyt

'Well he's not an old soul.  He's new alright?  He's brand fucking new!'
-Arlene to Sookie

'Now go clean yourself up.  You're covered in queen.'
-Nan Flanagan to Bill

'Did I miss something?  Are we girls now?  Did we join a book club and read some queer chick lit memoirs and now we're bonded together by estrogen or sisterhood or some other feminist dribble?'
-Pam to Sookie

'Oh shut up and make up a new chant already!'
-Sookie to protesters

Video Extras

Ep. 39 Preview

What did you guys thing of this episode?  What's got you intrigued?  What has you second guessing this season?


Amers425 said...

WHERE'S ALCIDE???!!! Eric & Alcide are my FAVORITES!

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

I have NO IDEA?!?! It's like benching your all star sports player. WTH Alan Ball. Give the people what they want!

BLHmistress said...

I can't wait to see how Eric's amnesia plays out, so ready for some Eric/Sookie action :).

I am worried I am not gonna like Tara this season wasn't too happy she tried to stake Eric(but then again I am partial to Eric LOL).

Poor Lafayette is digging a bigger hole each season I think.

Jason, now I am not too sure I like that whole concept(though part of this does happen in the books).

I want more Pam I love her more each time I see her.

Jessica now as much as I love Hoyt and her together, I like this storyline, I think she needs to spread her wings(fangs) a bit.

Still not sure about Sam and that storyline either.

And lastly Alcide is back this next episode YAY!!

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@BLHmistress - LOL! I think it's safe to say you're not the only one.

I actually like her a lot more this season than I have in past seasons. It wasn't very nice of her trying to stake Eric and all but, I think she was trying to be protective.

I know! I hope he doesn't end up dead. That would really, really upset me.

I HATE how it's happening to him. I don't remember hating Fenton and Crystal this much when I was reading.

I want more Pam too. I say we start a petition for more Pam and more Alcide. You with me?

I like your take on the Jessica and Hoyt situation. I agree. I think she needs to live *snort* a little.

I'm kind of meh about Sam myself.

THANK HEAVENS!! I was going through some serious withdrawal!

BLHmistress said...

I didn't care for Crystal too much in the books but maybe cause I could see how Sookie was feeling. But I know I didn't hate Fenton as much as I do now. I have to say I didn't expect what they did though I wondered how Jason would get bit.

I know I love Lafayetter he makes me laugh though not sure how I feel about Jesus(maybe I am just sceptical but I think he is up to something)

I see how Tara was being protective just well LOL but yes I do like her new toughness.

I will definitely sign a petition for more Pam( I love her lines they are the best) and Alcide cause damn if that man just so fine :).

I just felt with Jessica they rushed a relationship, she really hasn't had a chance to flourish as a vampire- I am seeing maybe Pam takes her under her 'wing' so to speak.

I know wishing it was Sunday again , maybe we should sign a petition for the show to run longer and more than one night :)

Anna (Bite Club) said...

Thank you for another awesome recap! I finally had a chance to watch episode 2, and it's a good thing I did because I was not very impressed with the premiere. This week made me think my True Blood world was not actually taken over by aliens. I'm not sure what my problem was but honestly, I wasn't sure I'd be tuning in anymore. My guess is that I didn't groove on Fairy/Bizarro land and all the missing time seemed off kilter. Anyone else feel like they were watching a bad SyFy show?

But episode 2 redeemed my faith. Here's my thoughts:

1. I'm still waiting for Alcide. As is half of the worlds female population.

2. Jesus is a shady bastard and I don't like him one tiny bit. Lafayette is in way over his head with this whole gig. Why the heck did he think holding hands with all the crazy witches was going to turn out well? Even if he thought he was helping Tara.

3. I don't like this new and improved Tara. Last season I thought she was a whiny baby and she just grated on my nerves. So far this season I just think she seems like an over the top, born again good girl, only one that lies to her friends and became a lesbian. That whole thing just feels like a sell out to me, a ratings thing maybe. Hopefully she'll get her snark back.

4. More Pam! I hope she takes Jessica under her wing.

5. Looking forward to the Eric-centric storyline. Just gives me an excuse to post more pics of my sexy blonde vampire boyfriend. I'm sure Flyboy will understand.

6. Loved the punk Bill scene. Not sure how I feel about the new king yet, but we'll see. I kinda think I like the tougher Bill better.

7. The people in Hotshot are creepy.

See ya next week!

Paperback Daydreamer (Deanna) said...

Holy crapola! Yeah there is a lot going on this season. I'm glad you do these Jen because I was unable to watch this past weekends episode and I needed to know what happened. Plus I don't have HBO so if I can't make it to my friends house I will be lost. I'm glad Eric has finally lost his memory and I can't wait for the Sookie and Eric lovin. Tara should have just stayed away. Sam has a girlfriend who is creepy! I can't wait to hear more about Tommy...I really like him, him and his scars and rawr! :-P Still no Alcide?! :-( The witches are bad news! Jessica...oh Jessica what are you doing??!! :-( Her and Hoyt need to be together for ever and ever...she really needs to get that memo! :-P Great recap Jen, I don't feel like I'm lost on anything going on right now!!!

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@BLHmistress - I'm just hoping he doesn't turn into a halfsie. I'd rather he be a full on panther.


Hey if you sign my petition I'll totally sign yours. ;-)

That's a good point about Jess' relationship with Hoyt. I think it would be really interesting to see Pam take her under her wing.

@Anna - No prob!

Wow, really? I know there was a complete 180 thrown at us but, I didn't think you'd hate it. I'm glad you stuck it out!

We will be seeing our favorite Were next episode I think. Woo to the Hoo!

Agreed. And he's in this mess because of that no good boyfriend of his.

ReallY?!?! That's more shocking than you hating the premiere. Anything is better than her bitter betty routine.

LMAO! Flyboy will totally understand.

Right?! I loved that he got to use his actual accent. It's waaay hotter than the southern one he uses.

Yes, yes they are!

@D - I'm happy to be of service my dear.

LMAO! You and several hundreds of thousands of fans. I think I heard the collective sigh when we hit the end of the episode.

Agreed. When she's in Bon Temps bad things always happen to her.

LMAO! Right?! I kinda sort of get it but, just because you CAN do it doesn't mean you SHOULD do it.

Well well well....so you've got a thing for Tommy. Inneresting. He comes across as a snot sometimes but, yeah he's kind of cute.

Next episode my dear. I think I'm going to freeze frame when he shows up on screen and just stare for a little bit.

Jess is young and a vamp. Mistakes were bound to happen. And no...she totally missed the memo.

Thanks D! And thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

Smash Attack! said...

This no Alcide BS is getting old!!!

I am dying over Arlene and that baby. She is cracking me up, for real. Pam was also fab in her scene, and I am loving Sam & Luna. I want to see them do the horizontal bop.


Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@Smash - Soon my pretty! Very, very soon!

LOL yeah the whole baby thing is a bit ridiculous.

I would not be opposed to some horizontal bop action with Sam and crazy lady.