Tuesday, July 26, 2011

True Blood Recap: Episode 5 - Me and the Devil


So the moment everyone has been waiting for has kind of sort of finally happened.  Okay so a teaser of what everyone has been waiting for happened.  Hey even a little something is still something, right?  There's all kinds of trouble brewin' in Bon Temps.  Let's get down to...

Sookie & Eric
The camera pans to Eric and Godric (yup, that Godric) standing outside of Sookie's door looking at her sleep.  Godric walks in and Eric follows.  Godric tells Eric to join him in drinking Sookie dry.  Eric starts to protest but, Godric cuts him off and tells him that he can't be saved from what he is.  They end up sinking their fangs into her.  When she starts to scream in agony Eric wakes up from his nightmare.  He climbs out of his hidey hole and heads to Sookie's room.  Sookie senses someone in her room and wakes up.  When she asks him what he's doing there he replies that he had a bad dream.  Awww....poor wittle Eric had a bad dweam.  Okay, okay I'll stop teasing.  Eric lies down in bed with her and is so upset by his dream that he starts crying.  Sookie tries to comfort him the best she can.  He asks if it's okay for him to stay until the sun starts to come up.  She tells him that as long as he keeps to himself that it's okay.  Next morning at Merlotte's Sookie tries to get some info from Holly regarding the coven.  When Holly declines she eavesdrops on her thoughts.  Tsk tsk tsk.  Holly then snaps about an order she thinks Sookie takes from her.  When she looks back at the cook's window she realizes she's wrong and apologizes.  She blames it on the approaching full moon.  Later that day Sookie decides she's going to visit the coven.  Marnie comes out from the back to greet her.  Sookie asks for a reading and Marnie grudgingly agrees.  Marnie asks Sookie for something personal so that she can conduct the reading.  Sookie hands over her necklace.  As she starts to focus, Sookie tries eavesdropping on her thoughts without much luck.  Marnie then picks up on her Grandmother's presence.  Marnie tells her that she's at peace.  She then says that her Grandmother wants to know if she's falling in love.  After a bit of a stutter, Marnie interjects and tells her that her Grandmother says not to give her heart because the situation is not permanent.  Gotta love a woman who's the voice of reason.  Anyway, something weird happens and Sookie can now hear her Grandmother's voice.  She tells her to get away from Marnie because she poses a danger to her.  When we pan back to Sookie's house we see that Tara is drowning her sorrows in ice cream.  Tara also tells Sookie the truth about her girlfriend and the fact that she's been lying to her.  Sookie tells her that she's gotta fight for her and that honesty is the best policy.  All the while she's looking over her shoulder at Eric's hidey hole.  Tsk tsk tsk.  So she tries to get Tara out the door but, Tara asks to spend the night.  And then of course Eric wakes up and heads into the living room.  This of course makes Tara freak out.  She tries attacking him and, as you can imagine, doesn't work all that well.  We then witness one of the most epic Tara meltdowns of all time.  She calls Sookie a hypocrite and throws in her face all the shitty things Eric has done to her (e.g. selling her out to Russell, tricking her into drinking his blood, torturing Lafayette, etc.)  Tara tells them both to eff off and takes off.  They sit down and he asks her if he's really done all those things.  She confirms it and he asks her why she lets him stay.  She says that he knows that he's decent (idiot) and he tells her that it's irrelevant.  She says that he's seen him change (friggin' idiot).  He's not buying it and heads out the front door.  She goes after him and asks him to stay.  And then....they kiss.  *rolls eyes*

Bill & Pam
Bill receives a visit from Portia who, despite the fact that she knows he's her great great great great grandfather, still wants to bump uglies.  Blech!  He glamours her to fear him and when she snaps out of it takes off running.  He then receives a visit from Pam.  Hell hath no fury like a vampire woman scorned. You like what I did there?  She makes it a point to show him what's been done to her.  She asks permission to kill the witch which he has to deny because of the AVL.  He does promise to do what he can to help her and her peeling face.  Double Blech!  He sends in his spy to capture Marnie.  They throw her in a cell where she has another flashback of the witch that possesses her.  She's shown that the people who torture and eventually kill her are vampires.  Bill heads down to the cell to talk to her.  He manages to glamour her and asks questions regarding Eric's disappearance, her spells and her intentions.  Bill's bullshit meter doesn't go off so he heads back to his office to meet with Pam and the other Louisiana sheriffs.  One of the older vamps explains to the newbie vamps the history of what happened with Antonia, the witch from the Spanish Inquisition.  They all want to kill her but, Bill tells them they can't.  Pam flips out and accidentally reveals what happened to Eric and where he's located.  Bill pretty much flips out because he realizes Sookie lied to him.  The crap has hit the fan folks.

Pretty much the only thing that happens this episode with Alcide is that he receives a visit from Raoul, the packmaster in Shreveport.  He's not happy that Alcide hasn't registered himself in his territory.  Alcide tells him he's going it alone.  It doesn't look like he accepts the answer but, he leaves it alone and takes off.  This guy is going to be massive amounts of trouble.  It's written all over him.  He better leave my Alcide alone.  I swear I'll scratch his eyes out.  *Ahem*  Um, please excuse my emotional outburst.

Jason is coming to terms with what's happened to him.  He goes to Merlotte with Hoyt to recount all the stuff that went down when he hears Holly say something about a full moon.  This gives him some anxiety and when Sookie asks him what's wrong he gets all snippy and takes off.  Later that night he ends up having a hilarious dream about Jessica with Hoyt making a guest appearance.  The boy's got problems.  I'm still dying to know if he'll become a full panther or half panther.

After rescuing Jason, Jessica and Hoyt drop him off at home so that he can rest and recuperate.  As their walking out of the room Hoyt hugs Jessica and she ends up pulling away from him.  He senses that something is wrong but, she says she's just tired.  Mmmhhhmmm.  Sounds to me like a guilty conscious but what do I know.  She heads home and Hoyt decides to stay and watch over Jason.

Sam & Tommy
Just when I think Sam is making some progress something crazy happens that he ends up having to clean up.  So the show opens up with Tommy accidentally killing his parents.  It's like WHOA!  Yes, yes I know.  So what does dear Tommy do?  He goes to Sam's house, wakes him up and shows him the evidence.  Sam kicks into Mr. Fix It mode.  He gets dressed, hops in the van with Tommy and proceeds to take care of the situation.  On his way to 'take care of' the bodies, he ends up getting pulled over by Andy.  Tommy starts to freak out and Sam tells him to pull it together.  Andy notices blood on the door and tells Sam to open up the back of the van.  Tommy bales them out by shifting into an alligator and scaring the hell out of Andy.  They get back on their way and toss Tommy's parents into a lake.  Sam opens up to Tommy and shares his secret about killing two people.  Awww...brotherly bonding.  Sweet ain't it?  Sam then tosses some marshmallows into the pond so that the alligators take care of any evidence left behind.  *shivers*

Tara & Lafayette
After another botched spell casting, Tara, Lafayette and Jesus decide to get the hell out of Dodge.  Tara decides to head back to New Orleans and Jesus and Lafayette decide to head to Jesus' grandfather's house in Mexico.  Lafayette's is hesitant about going but, Jesus manages to convince him.  I'm watching that guy.  I don't trust him one little bit.  Anywho after a long drive they arrive at the grandfather's house who is apparently expecting him.  Creepy if you ask me.  Tara on the other hand heads over to Sookie's house and ends up getting into a fight with her because of Eric and takes off into the night.  It's not boding well for our motley crew.

Arlene & Terry
After the marker incident, it's safe to say Terry and Arlene are thoroughly freaked out.  They decide that the best course of action is an exorcism.  The next day Reverend Daniels (you might remember him as the reverend that Tara's mom had a tryst with) and Lettie Mae Daniels (also known as Tara's mom) show up the next day to perform the exorcism.  Hilarity ensues.  Something must have worked though because that night little Mickey falls sound asleep giving Arlene & Terry a chance to catch up on some nookie time.  Or has it?  As their falling asleep a book of matches sitting on a shelf catches fire all by it's lonesome.  Dum dum duuuuuum!

Favorite Quotes

'Hookah ya pissed off another vampire and then you took a god damn nap.'
-Lafayette to Marnie
'That's some catchy shit for your headstone.  Good night.'
-Lafayette to Marnie

'You hear that Renee?  God's comin' for ya.'

'Well, you're not Gandhi but, no, you're not evil.'
-Sookie to Eric

'Oh good!  The world needs more beekeepers.'
-Bill to Pam

'You know, it's like (in announcer's voice) Jason Stackhouse.  You have f*cked too many hot women.  Now let's see how you like it.'
-Jason to Hoyt

Arlene:  Smells a little like pot.
Terry:  Not really.
Lettie Mae:  Shush!

'Lady when my Gran tells me to run, I run.  Keep the change.'
-Sookie to Marnie

Video Extras

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That last one is jaw dropping, eh?  There was lots to chew on this week Bite Clubbers.  Let me know what you thought about episode 5.


Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

I just watched this last night and there were some definite eye roll moments but I actually think Alex is doing a great job with "vulnerable" Eric :)

The next few weeks look like they are going to be intense!

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

I hate when I have to roll my eyes but, I agree that Alex is doing a fantastic job.

Super intense! Thanks for stopping by!

Smash Attack! said...

I was confused at the Godric scene, but THANK YOU, Alan Ball, for giving me another Godric scene!

That kiss is what fans have been waiting for! Who cares how cheesy it was. lol

I cannot believe Pam slipped up! Holy shitskas. The shit hath hitteth the fan.

And YAY for Raoul, because that means Alcide's storyline is being introduced, which means MORE ALCIDE!

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

LOL! I'm not sure I was feeling the mean Godric though.

LOL! It was cheesetastic my friend.

Damn it Pam! Why'd you have to go and get all emotional and belligerent.

I can get down with more Alcide. Bring on the sexy beast I say. Woot woot.

Amy V. said...

I'm loving this season and I'm loving the new, vulnerable Eric ... always knew there was a sensitive Viking under that scowling exterior! Yes, there's some eye-rolling moments but you gotta admit, it's fun! I laughed out loud when Pam's ear fell off! Don't dis her too much, she's having a really bad day!! She would never deliberately hurt Eric, we all know that. I'm glad they're expanding Alcide's role, we might get the triangle we want yet!! : )

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

I'll definitely admit that it's fun. LOL! I would never! Pam is one of my faves. I actually feel horrible that she's in this predicament. Thanks for stopping by Amy!

BLHmistress said...

Here I am :), I have been waiting for this post you do a fab job at recapping by the way LOL. anyway

Can you see how happy I am from the kiss and can you guess how many times I watched it LOL. I am not gonna admit how many times though ;). I was caught up in the moment so bring on the cheese :).

What I didn't like Tara again ugh, I know she is upset over all with Franklin but again she didn't mention how she attacked Eric. She is really beginning to piss me off. I know Sookie should have warned her or said something sooner but she didn't I think she was afraid of this reaction and maybe trying to spare Tara.

Can I say poor Pam? bits of chin falling off and her ear no wonder she accidently spills where Eric is. I know most think Pam(wouldn't do that not the character we know) but with all she is going through lately even her would make a mistake.

Alcide um I see this story is going to intertwine with Sam and Luna. I thought I could be wrong but you were supposed to 'respect' the packmaster. Not like this guy deserves it but ?? Am I wrong? Didn't he look 'fine' in the tank?

OMG there is one line I loved from Pam can I just kill the something 'c" word(don't remember exact wording but I laughed) She has the best lines.

Jason's line cracked me up and omg the scene with Jessica and Hoyt I was rolling.

I won't even say anything about Bill cause I know my rant next week will be long and very angry from the look of the previews.

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

Woohoo! I have been anticipating your arrival. ;) And thank you for such an awesome compliment. It's much appreciated!

I'm going to guess 50 times. ;) I knew that you would appreciate the kissy face scene. LOL!

Good point but, you can't preach honesty and then not be honest.

I agree. She is definitely under a lot of mental stress.

Yes, you definitely suppose to respect the Packmaster, especially if you're in their territory. And yes...he didn't look delicious in that tank. Rawr!

LOL! Yeah that was a pretty good line. It was a bit strong though so I left it out.

That announcer voice he used made me laugh and Hoyt's last appearance in his dream sequence damn near made me pee my pants.

LOL! I'll let you skip Bill this week but, he had some funny one liners himself during this episode.

Vickie said...

I am playing catch up this week on my down days when I am home alone and no young'n to come in and see what Mommie's watching....

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

Sounds like an excellent plan. Feel free to stop by whenever you're caught up. =)

BLHmistress said...

You were close on the amount :) no not really that much but I could have LOL.

Yea thats why I kind of not posted much of the line cause I when she said it my eyes got so big.

As for Bill, yes he had some funny lines I do admit. I just know I going to be so angry next week that its not even gonna be about Eric (I know shock right) that it will be on long rant on Bill.

OH I did forget to mention the exorcism did make me laugh a bit just cause it was so silly but the matches lighting up ummmm might make this really interesting.

Alcide 'sigh' okay thats all I can say

See I forgot Lafayette too see where my mind was stuck on, he had some awesome lines. I am worried about Jesus's grandfather he seems evil too.

BLHmistress said...

One last thing did you ever notice just how Eric grabs her hair all the time when he kisses her, why can't I ever be kissed like that LOL. anyone else find that sexy as hell?

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

LOL! I bet you could watch it 100 times. ;)

She does say some pretty shocking things doesn't she?

I will prepare for the wrath of BLHmistress. ;) Although I'm pretty sure I'll be joining in on that rant.

LOL! Sigh indeed.

That old man better not mess up my Lafayette. That's all I have to say.

LOL! I'm all for a hand in my hair as long it's not pulling on it.

Amy V. said...

Hand in hair, lips on lips or any other piece of anatomy, shoot, Eric even looked absolutely adorable with blood all over his face after he killed Sookie's 'faerie godmother' ... anything Eric does is just tooooo sexy for words and he's welcome to try it out on me anytime ... followed by Alcide - did I mention I'm a dog lover. Come here puppy. : )

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

LMAO! Well well well...aren't we a naughty minx. ;-)