Monday, August 1, 2011

Featured Book and Contest! AFTERLIGHT by J. Corsentino

Bite Club is thrilled to feature the photographic artist J. Corsentino's latest work today.  AFTERLIGHT just debuted and if you love fantastical, faery artwork, this book is a must-buy!  But guess what?  Corsentino is giving you a chance to win a copy!  All you have to do is comment below.  Tell us your favorite 'breed' of faery.  [Contest open to US residents only, please.]

Time of the Faeries: Afterlight - The Angel Apocalypse

These Angels will eat your aura for breakfast.

Not what you’d expect from the celestial beings we all know, but in Time of the Faeries: Afterlight they murder humans for energy to sustain themselves after the world takes a turn for the worse.  This is the Apocalyptic future in which we humans have destroyed our own world and Angels are massacering the few who are left.

These Angels are not Vampires, but it’s hard to tell the difference when they hunt and feed on our kind.

Time of the Faeries: Afterlight is a four-part graphic novel series that explore the origins of the Faeries, the evolution of Angels and Vampires from a common Fae ancestor, and their own unique adaptations to the modern world.  It follows the alliances and tensions that develop between these three species as they struggle to protect human civilization or shape it to their will.  The Afterlight follows several lines of cause and effect, revealing possible versions of the Apocalypse at the hands of all three species.

In the first book, Afterlight, End of the World, we begin at the end with the Angel Apocalypse: a dying Earth, ravaged by war, now hosts only a few scattered pockets of humanity.  These last survivors are being hunted to extinction by starving Angels, their energy consumed so that the Angels might live.  Below ground, a small band of shape-shifting male faeries called the Phelans struggle to protect the last collection of human life in Los Angeles and a mysterious young girl who may hold the key to their survival.  Above ground, as the winged forces amass to complete their genocide, a lone Angel named Halyon struggles to understand what went wrong, and why her race now hunts the very people they were charged to protect.  

And what of the Faerie Apocalypse and the Vampire Apocalypse?  That remains to be seen in The Afterlight.

About the Author/Artist

Joseph Corsentino is a storyteller at heart, using photography as his medium.  Out of a long standing passion for science fiction and fantasy, and a desire to make these things relevant and accessible to the modern world, he created Time of the Faeries, an epic retelling of the Faerie mythology.  His work has won multiple awards, and can be seen in private collections and magazines all over the world.  His first book, published by Imaginosis Publishing, is a prologue into the Time of the Faeries universe.  Joseph is currently completing the four-part Afterlight graphic novel series and making appearances at conventions such as Dragon*con and Comic-Con.

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Rain Maiden said...

I did not know there were different breeds of favorite breed would be the one that wouldn't chow down on my aura. The art work is beautiful.

Tina said...

I would have to say that Afterlife embodies what I love of Faerie and fae. The glorified fluffy faeries aren't present that the true myths of blood thirsty magical beings come to life. I love looking in to the truth behind our modern watered down stories, my favorite type of faerie would have to be the Kelpie, if for no other reason but a line in a book I read said by one still haunts me.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for this for a long time, I am so glad it is finally out. I am a life long fan.

Alicia0605 said...

The artwork is amazing. I'm so excited this is finally out!!

Kalex said...

I'm not sure I have a favorite breed of fae. I guess the closest I would have to a favorite would be a sidhe or maybe a svarlten (spelling?).

J. Corsentino said...

I'm really excited that people are enjoying the art in The Afterlight! And some of these fae species, I've never heard before myself! Like the svarlten right now. Going to do some research!

Anonymous said...

As always your photographs are so real and inviting and now something to really sink my teeth into.

nonsensical said...

I can't wait to read this, and the Phelans, so far are my favorite. munch, munch

Vickie said...

Whichever faeries take care of the flowers and vegetables in the garden, those are my favorite.

VWinship at aol dot com

J. Corsentino said...

The Phelans were really fun to play with! ..the idea that faeries can change shape at will, and a few of them choose the form of the wolves..We spent a whole day at a wolf sanctuary getting to know the wolves before photographing them for this book.

States of Decay said...

My favorite breed of faeries would be dryads ^_^


Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
I want the cute, sweet fariesthat will take care of my flower garden
I'm a follower on GFC-Lisa Richards


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Seraphred77 said...

I found out about this book quite by accident and now cannot wait for the rest of the series.

Jessica said...

Sounds like a series I could devour. teehee :). Look forward to reading it.

LadyVampire2u said...

I dont know if I have a favorite. I guess I just like the Fae in general in all their forms and ways. Definitely love the pictures!

LadyVampire2u A gmail DOT com