Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: Witch Got Your Tongue by Livia J. Washburn

Book Description:

Aren McAllister is a beautiful but shy and withdrawn young woman who has battled a stuttering problem her entire life. But then, seemingly by accident, she discovers that she wields an incredible power: she is actually a witch and can cast potent spells . . . but only by singing them.

This discovery throws Aren into a dangerous power struggle between different factions in the society of witches who live among humans unknown by them. And for the first time she encounters a romance that may change her life as much or more than the powers she never knew she had.

WITCH GOT YOUR TONGUE is the first novel in the Tongue Tied Witch series, a brand-new urban fantasy thrill ride from award-winning, best-selling novelist Livia J. Washburn, author of the best selling Fresh Baked Mystery series and the Literary Tour Mysteries.


This review might seem different than my usual. Since this is a rather short novella length, at least in my opinion, I am writing up a novella style review. Seems fair, right? Because let's be honest, it doesn't make a lick of sense to write a lengthy, wordy review when the subject book was under 100 pages. Don't let the page count fool you though, this is an excellent end of summer beach type read, something to relax with, a brief repast from everyday stresses. I'm not always a fan of the short story format but I do like when a book can make you chuckle and simply entertain for a short period of time. Witch Got Your Tongue was exactly what I needed last weekend, a lovely break between chores.

I enjoyed Aren and all the challenges she faces in such a short period. She stutters when she talks and seems to have a few confidence issues, especially when compared to her overachieving brother and well-to-do parents, but watch out if she starts to sing. That's when the magic starts...literally! Don't think to find plot spoilers here. All I'm saying is that we have a couple of bad guys, some startling revelations about her family, the discovery of extremely powerful abilities, man trouble, and a possible job as a singing Mrs. Claus. And let's not leave out the cliffhanger ending.

The ending reminded me of a teaser trailer and I'd really like to know what happens next. Maybe a full length novel? I guess we'll wait and see.

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*Reviewed by Anna Dougherty
*This book was given to me via the author in exchange for an honest review.

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