Tuesday, August 23, 2011

True Blood Recap


Hi Bite Clubbers!  How the heck have you guys been?!  Did ya miss me?  Yeah?  Aww shucks!  I missed you guys too.  So I'm back in action after my whole wrist fiasco but, since I'm not 100% yet I'm going to do the recaps a little differently for the remaining episodes.  Instead of the full recaps that I normally do (and that would make my doctor cringe because it goes against his whole 'rest your wrist' thing) I'm going to be listing the most note worthy, cringe inducing or brain melting points from Sunday's show.  Perhaps not as exciting but, I'm hoping the fun comments you guys make will make up for the lack of meat and potatoes so to speak.  Here goes nothin'...

  • Is it just me or has Antonia/Marnie officially flipped her lid?
  • How friggin' adorable was Sam and Luna's impromptu camping trip with her daughter?  And how hot was that whole tent sex scene, eh?  Get you some Sam.
  • I just want you all to know that I absolutely, positively, 100% paused the show during the unveiling of Alcide's luscious backside.  *sigh*  I get all hot and bothered just thinking about it...again.  *grin*
  • I do believe Bill has become slightly funnier as the season has progressed.  I kind of like it.  Anything beats that whole brooding thing he was doing.
  • I have to get this off my chest so bare with me.  Hoyt has been quite the a-hole and I so don't like it.  Really?  The Monster's box.  Whatever.  Grow a pair dude.
  • I get that Lafayette has to talk with an accent after being possessed by that spirit and what not but, why does it sound like a Jamaican accent every now and again?
  • What in the hell is up with that whole threesome daydream ya'll?  And please don't even get me started on that whole snowing in shower, acid trip walk through woods sex scene with Sook and Eric.  I'm not ready to talk about it yet.
  • I want to believe that Debbie has made a change for the better and I think it's cool that she helped Sookie sneak in to the coven and all but, why do I feel like there's a huge ulterior motive?
  • Tommy is a jerk wad and I don't feel bad that Marcus beat him up.  There I said it.
  • Truck bed sex?!  Really?!  Nevermind the 50 room house lit up like a Christmas tree two feet away from the truck.  Ugh!
  • OMG ONLY 3 EPISODES LEFT!!  Although I kind of figured that out seeing as how the last couple of episodes have ended with ALL HELL BREAKING LOOSE!

I'm turning it over to you friends.  Tell me how you're feeling after Sunday's episode.  Favorite scenes?  Least favorite scenes?  How about some of your favorite lines.  Bill and Lafayette had some doozies! 


Smash Attack! said...

Where the hell is the Alcide booty image at? You let me down, Jen...*sobs*

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@Smashy - LMAO! I'm keeping it all to myself. Mwuahahaha!!! That and I couldn't find a screen capture online.

VildesVerden said...

What a funny recap! I have read all the book, but only watched season 1, so I dont know what is going on in Tv world, but I want to watch it now :)
Happy wednesday wishes from Norway

BLHmistress said...

yay you are back, I missed this post but glad you are better we did miss you. Okay you ready for my ramble been waiting til you got back to let loose LOL.

About the coven, I just want to say to all those that now want to leave - told ya so, what do you expect or did you expect when you hooked up to take on the Vampires. Though I do have to admit Tara for the first time this season she might have redeemed herself just a tiny bit when she helped Sookie.

I think I fell for Sam after this episode how sweet was it that he turned into a bunny for Luna's daughter 'aaaaaaaawww'. The tent scene was a whole hell of a lot better than the shower scene.

oh yes yummmmmy Alcide, made me wish I had a dvr so I could just pause right on his backside ;). But he is irking me just a bit, why oh why tell your girlfriend I won't ever see Sookie again then bam go after and save her(I don't mind he saved her just its his fault Debbie is gonna go off the deep end I think.

I am feeling alot better about Bill lately, He is turning into a pretty decent King but that rally was crap don't you think well til the end LOL.

OMG Hoyt ticked me off with the things he said and has done, I get he is hurt but I just see his mama when he said those nasty things to Jessica.

I noticed that, Mavis spoke 'french' but maybe its a combo??

LOL I did like the threesome thing, it was meant to be funny but I get what she is saying about double standard why can't a girl have two men :) . loved the double bite oh so sexy at least to me it was :).

OH don't get me started on the shower/Narnia scene in the woods I have no words for it. though Eric's behind and the fur covering his gracious plenty helped me forget the rest.

Okay I do have to say - did anyone else find the dialogue in that scene kind of cheesy(I get the v trip but still)

OH I don't trust Debbie as far as I can throw her, she I believe was leaving her behind, to get killed this way Alcide couldn't blame her all she could say is that I tried to help her and of course he would believe it. But it backfired on her though she tried to drive super slow so Sookie wouldn't get there in time.

Tommy ugh, I get what he was trying to do but still managed to make it worse for Sam in the long run. He needs to just go bye bye.

Yea as bad as I wanted Jessica and Jason to get it on , they could have picked a better spot than the truck bed LOL.

I think these last 3 episodes are gonna just be crazy I can't believe the season is almost over :(

sorry for the ramble LOL I had so much pent up had to let it out.

Missie said...

LMAO! Yes, why on the truck bed? And I can't believe what a jerk Hoyt has become. I used to really like him.

Fun recap, Jen. Loved your bullet points style.

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@VildesVerden - Thank you! Hope you get a chance to catch up with the TV version. It's not as good as the books but, you get a lot of eye candy. ;-) Thank you for stopping by!

@BLHmistress - I am so ready for your ramble! I've missed it!

Exactly about the coven. Did they really think the vamps wouldn't care?! Whether she's redeemed herself or not I think she's going to be in A LOT of trouble.

Oh my gosh me too. Well maybe not fall for him but, he definitely redeemed himself. The tent scene was hot, hot, hot!! It was a million times better than the shower scene.

I am in love with Alcide's butt! It's official. No one else's butt can even hold a candle to it. *sigh* I agree with you 110%. It'll be his fault when Debbie flips out.

I think I like show Bill better than book Bill.

I just wanted to kick Hoyt in the nads. What a punk!

LOL...you can keep the threesome thing. It was too much for me.

LMFAO! 'shower/Narnia scene' *snort* That was hilarious!! Eric's behind unfortunately does nothing for me. Super cheesy!

You're right! Debbie was totally trying to leave Sookie behind. Up to no good I tell ya!

I'm over Tommy.

Yeah, I'm still baffled about the truck myself.

I love all your comments! They make the recaps worth doing!

@Missie - Dude I have no clue?! I'm still trying to figure that one out. Me too but, all I wanted to do over the last couple of episodes is kick him in the balls.

Thanks Missie! And thanks for stopping by!

Jessilyn (YA Book Haven) said...

That did seem like a Narnia acid trip scene in the shower.

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@Jessilyn - My mind still hasn't wrapped around that whole thing. Thanks for stopping by. BTW...love your name. It's my sister's name too. ;-)

BLHmistress said...

I just realized how long my post was LOL.

I agree about Show Bill Love him much more than Book, can't even stomach him in the books. Though you know how angry I was with him at the beginning its getting better though.

Between Alcide's butt and Erics umm its a tie for me :). I was so so disappointed in the shower scene - that's all I can say. Okay will add we were robbed LOL.

I don't mind the differences really its nice to see it mixed up a bit but I didn't like messing with that scene.

I want my old Eric back , I loved the sweet guy but we need bad ass Eric to come and take care of the witches, I am worried with him being under another spell though .

I still have a bad feeling what Debbie is going to resort to next being that she is on V again.

Anna (Bite Club) said...

I'm so glad to have you back! I can't wait to hear all about your recent exploits in Philly. Expect an email soon:)

The new bullet style format works for me and I'm sure the doctor would be pleased that you are showing such restraint:)

My thoughts on the show:

*Tommy is a dork and I'm tired of him. In fact, him and Tara should hook up and leave town together. And if Hoyt stays an asshole then he should go with them.

*Terry is awesome and he cracks me up. When Arlene looked under the cushions...made me remember why I love this show. Wish they were featured more often.

*I want my vicious viking back!! He has been demoted from my fake vampire boyfriend list until he regains his senses. For now I will replace him with Bill, whom I adore right now. Wicked Bill is way better than gentleman Bill.

I will scour the internet until I find a nice still photo of Alcide in the buff to put on the blog. Saw one Monday night but can't remember where. I think we all deserve that yummy treat!

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@BLHMistress - No worries. I love when you speak your mind!

I like that he's been able to redeem himself on the show. I initially really liked him in the books and then well you know what happens and I wrote him off.

LMAO! I'll give you Eric if you give me Alcide. ;-) Robbed indeed.

I'm with you about the differences but, I think they need to keep crucial scenes (like the shower one) intact.

Agreed. Bring bad ass Eric back! I can't take this wussy stuff anymore.

Debbie is definitely BAD news.

@Anna - I'm am very happy to be back. I definitely have to fill you in on the Philly goodness. Maybe even try to bribe you to go to the one in New Orleans next year. ;-)

The bullet style is growing on me. I like that I can hit all the major points without taking hours to finish the post.

Love that Tara and Tommy idea. Too bad that doesn't come to fruition. =/ It's not too late for Tara and Hoyt though. ;-)

LOL! I totally forgot about Arlene and the cushion. They are fantastic in scenes together. Terry's been one of my faves since the start.

Yes! Bring back the vicious viking dang it! I'm seeing a trend here with the wicked men thing. LOL!

Agreed! I'll help you look!