Tuesday, August 30, 2011

True Blood Recap


Okay so I have thoughts Bite Clubbers.  Boy do I have thoughts.  For starters this episode was not as exciting and action packed as I thought it was going to be.  Some of my other thoughts included...

  • Who knew that the cure to Eric's amnesia was a blast of Sookie power?  No offense but, that was super lame.
  • The aftermath of Jessica and Jason's tryst was a bit, um, tense.  I guess Jason does have a conscious after all.
  • Can I get a round of applause for Bill who finally grew a pair and stepped up to Nan?
  • So I guess the rumors are true.  Alan Ball really does think Bill and Sookie are soul mates.  This was made evident by Sookie proclaiming her love for Bill even though Eric proclaims his love for her.  Wow.  Just wow.
  • Okay so now I feel kind of bad that Tommy ends up biting the big one.  I just wanted him to go away.  I didn't want him to die in front of Sam and Alcide.  *stares at floor and kicks rocks*
  • My heart totally goes out to Sam and I hope he beats the hell out of that no good dirty grease ball Marcus.
  • I loved the scenes with Andy and Terry at Fort Bellefleur.
  • Anyone else find it shocking that Antonia feels bad about the loss of human life while Marnie totally manipulates her into staying on Team Kill All Vamps?
  • I love when TSTL moments happen on this show.  Really guys?  Sookie, Jason, Lafayette and Jesus are going to try to save the day?
  • Jesus has got a demon working for him.  Well holy shite!  I knew something wasn't right with that guy.  Oh, and the look on his face when he realizes Marnie's leading the charge is priceless.
  • I shouldn't even waste space on this blog by typing this but, once a skank always a skank.  I'm lookin' at you Debbie.
  • So it's cool that Tara and Holly work enough magic to escape.  It's not so cool that Sookie and Lafayette run to them to help and end up getting stuck in the magic force field and poofing out of existence.  In the illustrious words of Homer J. Simpson, 'DOH!'.
  • What on God's green earth is up with that RIDICULOUS Mission Impossible shot of Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica.  You have got to be effin' kidding me.


BLHmistress said...

I don't even know where to begin with my thoughts.

Actually I thought it was kind of cool with her powers though I didn't expect him to remember everything like he did. Yay in a way it did seem kind of lame but I wasn't sure how they were going to break the spell anyway other than with Marnie biting the dust. I am wondering so does that mean Pam is still under a spell, I mean Marnie/Antonia did mumble or I thought she did about spell or spells are broken?? or was she just talking about the two on Eric??

I am not sure what I feel about Jason though his reaction to whoa is me Hoyt was kind of funny cause you can tell he can't lie at all. If Hoyt was in his right mind he would have picked up on it.

OH I am more and more impressed with Bill this season. Though he didn't win any brownie points with Sookie when he said they were gonna go blow up Moon Goddess regardless who is there.

I personally think Sookie is just confused considering the time frame with everything that has happened(In TB time) its not been that long since she was with Bill then on to Eric( though she was gone for a year) to her she wasn't. I almost giggled(I know sap that I am) for Eric's declaration which I so didn't expect right after he got his memory back.

It was so so good to see Pam but did it seem she was a bit jealous of Sookie?

Okay I am going to admit this, I actually cried( don't laugh) when Tommy died it was so sad. I didn't care for his character and wished he would go away like you but didn't want him to go like that.

Yes Poor Sam, I can't wait to see him go off on Marcus with Alcide backing him up(he looked good again by the way)

I think they did the Andy and Terry scenes very well(and I honestly think Terry is becoming a new favorite character).

OMG my eyes bugged out of my head, all this time I was feeling sorry for Marnie and here she is the one running the show(talk about major shocker).

It's all boiling down to I think Jesus and Lala taking Marnie down.

no comments for Debbie, I can't top what you said LOL.

I actually Enjoyed Tara(I know shocker there but I think she finally has seen the light one can hope.

OMG I loved the end it was so cheesy it was funny :)

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the easy Sookie power blast solution. If that's the case why didn't she blast the force field? Honestly, I was expecting the Marnie biting the dust solution. I think Pam is still under a spell so does that mean Sookie's going to blast her too? I think Marnie was referring to the ones on Eric.

I love that Jason can't lie worth a damn. It makes him a more realistic character.

Bill had definitely stepped up his game in my eyes too. I would blow the Moon Goddess to smithereens too.

I kind of knew it was coming but, I didn't expect Eric to be all...oh wait you're mine...yadda ya.

Hmm...I wouldn't say jealous. I think she was figuring out that there was more than meets the eye with the whole Eric/Sookie situation.

R.I.P. Tommy

Hell yeah. I can't wait for the can of whoop ass to be opened. Yes, Alcide was definitely delicious in Sunday's episode. Rawr!.

Tery's been a favorite of mine since the beginning. I like that he left Andy's butt in the woods.

Marnie needs to be taken down!

OMG I love the nickname Lala. I have a bad feeling that something is going to backfire and Jesus is going to be taken out. For Lala's sake I hope not.

LOL! Booo Debbie!

Now that you mention it I'd have to agree. She wasn't as abrasive this episode.

I'm glad one of us liked the ending. ;-)