Friday, September 30, 2011

Review: The Shadow Wolf by Bonnie Vanak

September 2011
Silhouette Nocturne
ISBN-10: 0-373-61867-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-61867-5
Gabriel is perhaps the most dangerous of all Draicon werewolves and hides a dark secret.  He meets his match in Megan, a Draicon werewolf who turns invisible.

On the run from authorities, gutsy Megan Moraine knows shadow wolves like herself have no place in this world. But she's still prepared to do anything to protect her young charges. That resolve is tested when the trio is captured by Gabriel Robichaux. Everyone knows that Gabriel is a ruthless bounty hunter, a member of an elite group called the Enforcers. Why then is Megan so attracted to her enemy—a wolf who hunts his own people? A wolf whose languid, sexy drawl makes her dream the impossible?


For me, this book was all about the main characters: investing in them, believing in them, and watching them fall for each other. Megan is tough as nails on the outside, willing to fight for her remaining family no matter what the danger and personal cost, but inside she is warm and caring. I love both sides to her personality because even when it would behoove her to watch her mouth she just continues to speak her mind, and express how she sees things. That is a very relatable quality and something I can identify with. What? Me, outspoken? Well, yes, I am. It's that fierce courage that makes her a worthy mate for Gabriel. She has a few secrets but you can count on always knowing where you stand with Megan.

Gabriel is entirely different. It's like he spent so many years cultivating his persona and hiding his real emotions that he can't always find who he really is anymore. For a man that formed an underground railroad for shadow wolves, a job that takes great skill and endless courage, he seems all too ready to hide from his own life. Even from his own family. Not that I blame him because I spent some time myself trying to figure out how they functioned with such a big disconnect between them. How can his parents act with such fear and cowardice when what he is doing is so noble? It makes his parents seem weak when I know that they are just trying to keep the family safe by not crossing any of the powerful Enforcers. Gabriel feels he must keep his true nature on a leash for fear of hurting those around him (a very real possibility) and it would have played better for me if his parents demonstrated more unconditional love (always helps to know who has your back). So I just had a minor issue with the family theme there because the dynamics made me sad for Gabriel.

I cannot say it enough, I love the Nocturne line of books from Harlequin! The price is always right and it is a fabulous way to discover new authors, something I was once again able to do with Bonnie Vanak. I'm not sure how I've missed her name before, but I'm glad that I gave her Draicon werewolves a try. After today I will be searching for the other books in this series.


Other books in the Draicon series:
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Book 6:  SEDUCING THE VAMPIRE, 2009 (free read from eHarlequin, Indigo and Avril)
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Book 8:  COURAGE OF THE WOLF, 2010 (Michael and Sabina)
Book 9:  "Unwrapped" re-release in CHRISTMAS WITH A VAMPIRE, 2010
Book 10:  THE SHADOW WOLF, September 2011 (Gabriel)

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