Tuesday, September 6, 2011

True Blood Recap


What's up Bite Clubbers?!  Hope everyone had a fab Labor Day weekend.  Can you believe the last episode is almost upon us?  Here's a better question.  Can you believe the craziness that ensued on Sunday?!  I thought it was way better than the last episode.  Let's get down to the nitty gritty...

  • I guess we now know what a supernatural hostage situation looks like.  I can't believe crazy ass Marnie killed that coven member!
  • I like that Antonia was all, 'Oh hell no!  I'm outta this joint!'  And then Marnie was all like, 'You ain't goin' no where.'  If True Blood gets one thing right it's definitely the villains.  They've been pretty top notch every season.
  • Loved, loved, loved the exchange between the merry band of mission impossible vamps when Bill calls off the assault on the coven.
  • And can I get a high five for Jason who grew a pair and defended the sh*t out of his sister!
  • Can you believe that lunatic Marcus kidnapped his own kid?!  Okay, actually that doesn't surprise me seeing as how he's nuts and all.  Let's not even start on the whole trying to convince Debbie to run away with him and his kid.
  • By the way, I almost barfed when Debbie says she won't run away with him because she loves Alcide.  Really?  Really?!  I guess screwing some other guy's brains out totally constitutes being in love with your man.  Ugh!
  • Gotta love that Jesus is willing to take one for the team by unleashing his 'brujo' magic.  For those of you non-Spanish speakers, brujo means male witch.  On a side note, Latin and Caribbean black magic is nothing to mess with.
  • What in the blue blazes was that damn fairy appearance all about?  And what's with the whole swearing to the light crap?  Is that like a fairy pinky promise?  And why friggin' Andy of all people?  I think this is going to tie in to next season but, I have no idea how.
  • Pam is a bad ass b*tch.  I laughed my *ss off when she took that vamp's necklace.
  • Bill and Eric have it bad for the ol' Sookster.  It was touching that they would sacrifice their lives for her in a heartbeat.  *snort*
  • WTF Pam?  Why you trying to get everyone killed with that rocket launcher?!
  • Sam totally earned huge points with me this episode.  I think it was crazy that he didn't finish the job but, that's what happens when you're a classy guy I guess.
  • Um, did anyone else love the fact that Alcide put Debbie in her place during the fight with Sam and Marcus?
  • I have NEVER seen Eric so pissed at Pam!  Not to mention that Jess was pretty pissed at Bill too.
  • My heart went pitter patter when Alcide went all alpha defending Sam and killing that low life Marcus.  He's so friggin' hot when his eyes start glowing.
  • Although I sometimes mock Sookie's fairy fire power, I will say that I love that she got hip to the game when Marnie was trying to kill the vamps and Sookie blasted everyone to break the circle.  By the way...that weird robot movement they were making toward the force field was HILARIOUS!
  • Awww...Jess saves Jason...again!  Anyone else think these two might have a future together?
  • I thought Sookie was going to be toast ( or at the very least a smore) when Marnie put her in that ring of fire.  Thank heavens that Jesus was able to unbind Antonia in time.
  • Um, Eric sucking on that dead guy's heart like a juice box just might be the most grotesque and fascinating thing I've ever seen.
  • And just as I was singing, 'Ding Dong the Witch is Dead' she friggin' takes over Lafayette?!?!?!  Why can't anyone stay dead on this damn show!  Jiminey Crimeney!  I think I have to start mentally preparing now for the finale!  I included the preview for your viewing pleasure.

Ep. 48 Preview

Let the discussion begin!  Let's see if we can't figure this thing out together.  ;-)


Escape by Fiction said...

The episode was great but I hate that next week is the season finale. That bites! Who in their right mind would cheat on Alcide? And I loved Ric drinking out of the heart like it was a straw, it was hilarious.

Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction

Escape by Fiction said...

OK - that was Eric, not Ric - sorry.

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@Escape by Fiction - I hate that it's coming to an end too but, I'm looking forward to a little break. ;-) Only a crazy, deranged skankity skank would cheat on that delicious man. LOL! No worries...I totally read Eric until you pointed out you wrote Ric. ;-) Thanks for stopping by!

Kim said...

Enjoyed reading your recap this week. Made me chuckle. I also got a kick out of their zombie walk toward the force field around the shop. Totally on board for Jason and Jess. That fairy intro was way out of left field for me. I think they could have postponed that intro. I'm an Eric girl so I really enjoyed the heart "juice box." His anger at Pam over Sookie was also a shocker. I was wondering how they would get Debbie to turn evil for the finale and they finally got there (of course she's been evil all along but evil enough to try to kill Sookie again). I know this comment is all over the plan, but there is so much to comment on.

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

Thanks Kim. I'm all about a good chuckle. That zombie walk looked like a bad tryout to be in MJ's thriller video. I know it's wrong but, I'm liking the Jess and Jason duo too. I could've done without the fairy intro too. I still can't get the juice box visual out of my head. All I'm saying is that Sookie better take care of business this time around. As you can see I can handle a comment that's all over the place. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!

BLHmistress said...

Are you ready for a long post again :)?

LOL, Okay Marnie really got scary this week, but what got me about this was how Marnie just fell for the fact Jesus said "OMG there's a pulse" um the knife is directly in her heart there would be no pulse and Marnie fell for it- okay I did for a split second too thinking wow what a miracle this girl is still alive. But when they were gone for so long Marnie didn't go looking for them??

OMG I love the A team vamps , but what cracked me up the different versions of F Sookie - Eric's sounded like frustrated and worried, Pam was contempt and Bill was like not again LOL. Even Jessica did an eyeroll did you catch that LOL.

But Jason rocked this week, first for standing up for his sister then saving the zombie vamps from burning to a crisp(or exploding). I also loved Jason and Jessica's talk because this time it seemed so real and not - glamour me so i can forget that really pissed me off last week. No wonder why Jessica wanted to go kill someone.

I am on the fence about both guys wanting to bite it for Sookie, One way it was so romantic and another I was like not again.

Sookie kind of drove me nuts this week first of all why oh why did she join hands with the witches when she knew what Marnie was capable of ugh that really pissed me off yea it did work when she finally 'woke' up and zapped everyone but how close was it for the vamps to poof. Now her crying didn't bother me like it has others I mean that is Sookie and I felt her pain really she was watching Eric almost die for her.

OH yes Alcide just rocked as well Sam too can't wait to see where they go with Alcide and the pack now. I stood up and cheered with my mouth open(because his abjure ) that was from the books!!

Can I just say what the heck?? with Andy and the fairy and ET finger?? what?? it just doesn't make sense to just be thrown in there out of the blue. I know it has to do with next season (I love Andy somewhat)but why did this person choose Andy( and also who is Marella I can't remember here.

I can understand why Pam did what did but it could have killed Jason or others, boy I was shocked with how angry Eric got but I don't think that will end their relationship I just think he needs to calm down.

Alot of people around have said they couldn't get why Sookie was acting like that with being surrounded by fire but if we all remember she is deathly afraid of being trapped so it would make sense why she is so scared. I know I would be LOL.

Erick and the juice box ewwwwww but so love it :)

I knew Lala was going to be posessed again but just didn't expect it to be Marnie.

Over all I loved the episode and so sad its almost over.

Can I just say I am angry with HBO for shorting us 10 minutes LOL

Anna (Bite Club) said...

Another excellent recap, Jen! I'll second all your comments and just say that I am anxious for the finale next week. So glad that badass Eric is back! I missed my fake vampire boyfriend and hated the kinder, gentler version we were stuck with all season. Yuck!

Seemed like the season was shorter this year but I also keep forgetting that the show is a summer gig. Hopefully the finale answers a few questions before leaving us hanging.

See ya next week!

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@BLHMistress - Bring it on missy!

Yes she did. Although I guess if Marnie really trusts Jesus that would explain why she didn't go kick down the door. That and she was preoccupied trying to kill Team Vamp.

LMAO! I loved that part too. I totally caught Jess' eye roll.

I was definitely Team Jason this week. He stepped it up and I love the convo he had Jess had.

I was thinking the same thing. I guess Marnie's just that good at manipulating people. It didn't bother me either. I'd be crying to if two people I cared about were about to die to save my life.

Finally! Something from the books! LOL! I hope Luna doesn't leave Sam because of the whole Marcus being dead thing.

'Fairy ET finger' *snort* Too funny. I don't think she's in the books. And I have no idea where the hell they're going with this.

Um she was surrounded by FIRE? Show my one person who wouldn't be terrified of being encircled by fire and I'll show you a big ol' liar.

LMAO! Damn you HBO! Although if they add those 10 minutes to the finale then it's all good. ;-)

@Anna - Thanks Anna!! Me too. Wussy Eric was the pits. I think it felt shorter because we didn't have any breaks in between episodes. I think last year there were two.

See ya for the finale!!