Monday, October 24, 2011

The Secret Circle ~Wake~

The group is mourning Nick.

Jake—Nick’s brother shows up in town. Cassie sees what she thinks is him burning something in the yard.

Grams tells Cassie that the circle is still bound because Jake is related to Nick by blood. He too is witch.

The circle tells Cassie that Jake is bad news. He robbed The Boathouse and almost cost Adam’s family it’s business. Faye tells Cassie that Jake will use her and leave her. Apparently Jake and Faye dated.

Grandma Jane goes to see Dawn and tells her that the circle is bound and that they have to watch over the children.

Cassie tells the circle that Jake is part of the circle. Adam says that he won’t stand for Jake to be a part of the circle. Melissa says they can’t replace Nick with Jake.

Faye goes to see Jake. He tells her that she was always to clingy. She tells him to get over himself and she leaves.

Dawn tells Charles that Jane can ruin everything. Charles says that maybe the new bond between her and Jane will help them. Jane must know where parts of the crystal are.

Someone breaks into Cassie’s house and tells her that she wants her blood. Jake hears Cassie screaming and comes to her rescue. He starts to mutter a spell and Cassie helps him. She asks him about the circle and he wants nothing to do with it. Jake helps Cassie bandage up where the intruder cut her.

Later after Grandma Jane tells Cassie that a crescent shape being burned in front of the abandoned house means they’re marked. She also gives Cassie the crystal that she has left. She tells Jake that and he tells her that he has no plans to stick around.

Melissa lets herself into Nick’s house and goes into his room. She holds his jacket and cries her eyes out.

Cassie and Jake seem to be getting along really well and this is a cause of conflict with Diana and Adam. She says that he’s acting like a jealous boyfriend.

Jake goes to see Simone, who is the girl who broke into Cassie’s house. He tells her to leave Cassie alone and it’s not time for ‘bloodletting.’

Adam’s dad is drinking too much at the wake and ends up telling Diana that Cassie and Adam were destined for each other. She tells Adam that she can’t do it anymore and breaks up with him.

Cassie sees Jake talking to Simone and realizes that Simone is trying to hurt him. She uses the crystal to help Jake. He kills Simone and tell Cassie that he’ll stick around. He tells her that Simone was a witch that was scavenging power. They show up when a witch dies.

Later Diana shows up at Cassie’s house and tells her that she broke up with Adam. But Adam was her best friend and that she has no one to talk to besides Cassie.

Jake seems to be involved in a group of witch hunters. His mission is to kill all the witches in Chance Harbor. He vows to avenge his family and he will not fail.


What did you guys think? Sorry this was a little late on being posted... I was actually out of town and had to DVR this... =(

So obviously I don't think Jake will kill the circle. I think he's going to become attached to Cassie and that's going to cause a problem for Adam, Cassie, and Diana.

I felt so sorry for Diana who doesn't really have anyone to talk to about her problems.

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