Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ Smells Like Teen Spirit~

It’s the first day of school!

Elena wakes up early for “Buffy” training. Alaric tells her that’s she’s strong just for getting up this morning.

Stefan shows up back and school being a huge bully.

Rebekah signs up for school as the new girl and starts to take over Caroline’s place as Ms. Popular.

Elena talks Damon into helping her lock up Stefan. They have a sexually charged moment while Damon is showing her where a vampire’s weakest points are.

Elena meets with Alaric, Damon, Caroline and Tyler to talk about the plan.

Tyler is having daddy issues. He feels an allegiance to Klaus because Klaus sired him. Caroline tells him that he’s being like the old Tyler and that she wouldn’t be friends with the old Tyler.

Vicki is still contacting Matt and convinces him to do a ritual that will let her come back to the side of the living. She tells him that she has to kill Elena to stop Klaus from making hybrids. The balance must be restored. He tries to stop her from leaving and she whacks him on the head with a pipe wrench.

Damon’s part of the plan is to distract “Barbie Klaus” from following Stefan around. Elena will act drunk and make Stefan follow her while Alaric stakes him.

Everything goes according to planned until Vicki tries to kill Elena by locking her and Stefan in a car and setting it on fire.

Bonnie and Jeremy are fighting about him thinking about his dead ex-girlfriends. She tells him that she has to go help Matt who is trying to resurrect his dead sister. Bonnie arrives just in time to send Vicki back to the other side.

Damon patches up Elena’s cheek that was scratched in the fire. She tells him he played his part really well tonight. He tells her so did she. She admits she was faking being drunk. He mumbles that he faked flirting with Rebekah.

Elena and Alaric are leaving the Salvatore house when Stefan tells her that she’s pathetic for wanting to save his humanity. She tells him that it makes her stronger and she stakes him in the stomach.

Caroline leaves Tyler after they make up, but Rebekah shows up after she leaves and brings Tyler a human to feed on.

Katherine has been trying to get Mikael to wake up and tell her if he can kill Klaus. He tells her yes, but he doesn’t feed on humans. She lets him loose from the chains and he feeds on her.

Damon is startled by an old friend that shows up. Mason seems to be alive and still pissed off at Damon.


Wow there were so many surprises in this episode!

Do you guys think Mikael has killed Katherine? It looked pretty dangerous.

Will Stefan ever get back to the Stefan we know and loved?

Will Damon EVER kiss Elena.

Tell me what you guys thought of this episode....!

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