Monday, November 14, 2011

review: The Evil Inside by Heather Graham

The Evil Inside For as long as it has stood overlooking New England’s jagged coastline, Lexington House has been the witness to madness…and murder. But in recent years the inexplicable malice that once tormented so many has lain as silent as its victims. Until now…

A member of the nation’s foremost paranormal forensic team, Jenna Duffy has made a career out of investigating the inexplicable. Yet nothing could prepare her for the string of slayings once again plaguing Lexington House—or for the chief suspect, a boy barely old enough to drive, much less kill.

With the young man’s life on the line, Jenna must team up with attorney Samuel Hill to pinpoint who—or what—is taking the lives of those who get too close to the past. But everything they learn brings them closer to the forces of evil stalking this tortured ground.

 "The scariest unknown in the world is the human mind."~ Jenna, from The Evil Inside

I enjoy this series and the biggest draw in each book, aside from the ghostly elements, is the case being investigated. Right from the start I was absorbed with the details of this mass murder because the haunting of Lexington House reminded me of Amityville, and the axe murders were reminded me of Lizzy Borden. I never really figured that it would be the obvious choice, it never is with the Krewe, but I was shocked at how events played out. Yes, I managed to figure out some of the big shockers, a bonus for me, but others remained a surprise. And you won't read any spoilers here...not my style.

I want to say that Sam and Jenna are a cool couple, but the word cool doesn't do them justice at all. They fit so well, like a matched set, and they make a great team. I liked them a lot. Jenna is smart and capable, no damsel in distress, and she takes pride in her ability and her position with the Krewe. Sam is noble and kind, buried in work and searching for himself. The attraction was immediate but as with most of Graham's novels the romance builds and develops slowly. I like that too. They share a mutual attraction but neither act on it until it means more than just a romp in the bedroom, and when they do finally make it to the wouldn't use the word cool anymore.

The setting of Salem was the perfect avenue for a ghost story, plenty of local history to add in, and the witch trials even make an appearance. The town was explained with a fine attention to detail, very expressive, and I especially thought the discussions about Wicca and acceptance were well done. It's another decent addition to the series, you can read it as a stand alone or in order, the choice is up to you. Characters do make their way from book to book with what I'd call a supporting role, but each person is given a small backstory so the reader is able to easily keep up. I recommend this series for anyone that enjoys suspense, mystery, romance and paranormal elements.

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