Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm still here

I know the postings have been sporadic lately but my life outside of books has been a demanding bitch as of late. Between Flyboy heading off to the sandbox, a vile flu bug invading my home, school projects that must be completed, heart monitors and sugar free eating...yep, just like I said, bitch with a capital B. I can count on one hand the comments I've left lately, and that pisses me off because I miss my bloggy friends. Now that I've gotten into my deployment groove, and have handled what I can handle for the moment (is that even possible?) I think you'll be seeing more of me around the blogosphere. My batteries just need a recharge so I can get my reading mojo back online:)

The next couple weeks might be spotty but I will be using my time wisely, catching up on reviews, author guest posts, and contests!  I have a boatload of books to giveaway so I'm thinking that March might just be one big bookish celebration. You'll have to stay tuned!

Don't forget that we have our weekend episode recaps for Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle, courtesy of Betty. And we'll have a couple of reviews up this week as well. I appreciate your patience and friendly emails...thanks!



Rain Maiden said...

Keep your chin up Anna, better days to come.

Lil said...

Boy, your plate looks full. Hope you find life looking up. All my best to you.