Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: Blood and Bullets by James R. Tuck

Book Description:

He lives to kill monsters. He keeps his city safe. And his silver hollow-points and back-from-the-dead abilities help him take out any kind of supernatural threat. But now an immortal evil has this bad-ass bounty hunter dead in its sights. . .
Ever since a monster murdered his family, Deacon Chalk hunts any creature that preys on the innocent. So when a pretty vampire girl "hires" him to eliminate a fellow slayer, Deacon goes to warn him--and barely escapes a vampire ambush. Now he's got a way-inexperienced newbie hunter to protect and everything from bloodsuckers to cursed immortals on his trail. There's also a malevolent force controlling the living and the undead, hellbent on turning Deacon's greatest loss into the one weapon that could destroy him. . .


If a vampire infestation ever becomes a real concern, hey, it could happen, I'd want Deacon Chalk in my corner. 100%. No questions asked. This southern badass has an arsenal of tricks up his sleeves, all delivered with vicious precision. Who knew a toothpick could be so deadly? And he has wicked knowledge of all the best guns, ammo, and he definitely knows just where to shoot.

The writing style of James R. Tuck brings another unique male voice to the urban fantasy/vampire scene, by combining exceptional detail with complex, yet relatable characters. Chalk had his world turned upside down when his family was slaughtered by vampires, yet instead of playing victim, he chose to do something about it. Even the secondary characters, like Father Mulcahy, Larson, Charlotte, Kat and Tiff, bring something valuable to the story, bringing humanity of all types to the story. More importantly, this cast of characters are what keep Chalk slugging along in a world full of ruthless vampires. He isn't afraid to die, but he doesn't necessarily want his friend to meet that same fate, so they stand together. In an odd sort of way the employees at Polecats are Deacon Chalk's new family, and they all understand the dangers that hunt in the night.

A little bit Blade and a little bit Laurell K. Hamilton...even some of the word choices, like "flavor of power" reminded me of my favorite vampire executioner, only with decidedly less sex. Actually, I think we get a whopping one kiss, maybe two, so if your looking for a sexy romp then this might not be for you BUT...if you want a bloody, action-packed thrill ride full of evil vampires and one ass-kicking bounty hunter, well, Blood and Bullets is exactly what you need.

Other books in the series:
That Thing at the Zoo (prequel novella/available now)
Blood and Silver (August 2012)

Author website:

*Reviewed by Anna Dougherty
*This book was sent by Kensington and the author in exchange for an honest review.


Rain Maiden said...

I've been eyeing this book. Sounds good, thanks for the post Anna.

Vickie said...

I read an interview on AmberKatze's blog with this author a few weeks ago and was intrigued. I read the novella that is the beginning of the series and highly enjoyed it. I, too, would want Deacon in my corner. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.