Sunday, September 20, 2009

A little bit about me

Welcome! I am the Mistress of the Underworld, the Keeper of Books, the Leader of Minions...but you can just call me Anna. I thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself to those that do not know me- which would be most of the minions here at the blog.

I'm not a writer, more like a book addict. I love reading and have been known to read just about anything with words. My favorite genre is paranormal, but I also enjoy romantic suspense. Vampires are my favorite subject, in books and movies. There is just something of a timeless quality to the vampire fiction and I like to see how it evolves. What used to be simply a subject of horror novels has turned into a romantic hero. Which do I prefer? I'm not sure, but I would lean towards the dark, broody vampire hero with a strong love interest. Good stories also need good characters so as long as the book encompasses those qualities, I'm in.

At home I am a military spouse, college student...again, and mother of 2 young children, ages 7 and almost 10. We are stationed in Washington DC so I am soaking up the rich history of our nations capitol. Blogging is a new interest for me and one that I enjoy. I also blog over at VampChix doing movie reviews and posting general vampire nonsense. I'd love to hear from the minions, so stop by and chat. I'll be around.


Britt said...

Thought I'd be the first minion to write on the wall. Now are we bug-eating, groveling, Renfield minions...or are we power hungry mwahahaha'ing minions?

I just keep thinking of Buffy and the crappy minions. Especially the ones Harmony had. Worst vampire ever. Seriously, what vampire has a unicorn collection?

Anna Dougherty said...

We are definitely diabolical, power trippin' minions. No groveling here!

I hate to admit this but I have never seen an episode of Buffy:( Terrible, I know. I just can't ever commit to a TV show- always reading and watching movies. Maybe I should get them on DVD?

Michele Hauf said...

I want to be a sexy, brooding, dark-eye-shadowed minion!

And yes, Anna, find Buffy. Excellent series. I love Spike! And Drusilla. Sigh...I've been watching Amazon, but the lowest I've ever seen the entire series is around $168. Too rich for my blood. But I keep hoping they have a 50% off sale!

Britt said...

Lestat have mercy!

Anna, we must stage an intervention. Check out your local library, mine has all 7 seasons on DVD for rent. If not, you can buy them cheap. I saw seasons 1 and 2 at target for less than 30 bucks. Now...after season 4, it kinda goes downhill. Fast. But Spike and Angel are like the world's best naughty, broody, bad guys.

Plus then there's the spin-off, Angel. Which is good in it's own right.

I literally grew up with Buffy, instead of obsessing over whatever boy-band heart throb was in at the moment (JTT, Leo Decaprio...) I obsessed over Angel. OMG! I forgot about drusilla! I love batty enigmatic evil chicks.

Ha! Too rich for my blood, nice pun!

Anna have you at least seen True Blood, Moonlight, or Blood Ties?

Anna Dougherty said...

I tried watching Moonlight, and it was good, but then it was canceled. Blood Ties was decent but I kept forgetting it was on. Now, True Blood...I have the first season and am waiting for the second on DVD. I don't have HBO so that's my only option. I really enjoy the show. See, it's not all bad:)

Lindsay said...

Hi there!

I am doing 31 Days of Halloween and would love if it if you wanted to do a guest blog for one of the days.

Let me know if you are interested!

I have already secured a few guest bloggers and giveaways!