Monday, September 21, 2009

Minion Mondays

We all know you have a love for vampire fiction, but what else do you really sink your teeth into? Blogging fans want to know. Since this is a new blog we have a lot of new faces and I'd like to know a bit about you. Each Monday I'd like to do a feature about our minions- a get to know session. If you would be interested in sharing what makes you tick- your interests, opinions, TBR piles, or general knowledge of vampire books...send me an email and we'll arrange it.


RKCharron said...

Hi ;)
That's a great idea: Minion Monday.
I'm kind of shy though. I begin to think:
What if I over-share? What if they don't like what makes me tick? What if they loathe the books I love?
Love & Best Wishes,

Anna Dougherty said...

I feel exactly the same way every single time I have to post! I am extremely shy about myself, which is why I suppose I chose the blog format, instead of the meet at the library or come over for drinks approach:) I'm not witty, or super funny- and I am not a writer. We already have one thing in common...books. I'd love to have you be our first, our first blood if you will.

Jen D. said...

Count me in. I just hope I don't bore your readers to death. =/

Michele Hauf said...

I just started reading TMBOVR2 last night. Got the first story done!

Anna Dougherty said...

Michele- I started mine over the weekend and I think I'm on the 4th story. It's really cool. I'm trying to take notes about each story so I can remember details and stuff for the Oct. 30th chat day. Yes, I am a total nerd:)

Britt said...

Wow. It took me like 4 minutes to figure out what TMBOVR2 was.

Count me in for the minion monday thing. I unabashedly over-share. I am the QUEEN of TMI. And my studies revolve around diseases that make you bleed out of every orifice or putrefy skin. You see my problem?

Jessilyn said...

Check out Vampire Poetry and More

Froggy said...

Looks like we are going to be sister sites. We started a similiar blog back in August

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