Friday, October 23, 2009

Author Spotlight: Jaye Wells

Jaye Wells is the fabulously talented author responsible for the Sabina Kane urban fantasy series. The first in the series, Red-Headed Stepchild was released to rave reviews, and Mage In Black is due out in April 2010. Her story Vampsploitation, featured in MBVR2, is a prequel to Red-Headed Stepchild and also provides backstory to Mage In Black.


RKCharron said...

Hi Anna :)
Thanks for the spotlight on Jaye Wells. I loved Red-Headed Stepchild. Half-vampire Half-mage All woman!

Jamie Leigh Hansen said...

Hi Jayce :) Hi Anna :)

I loved Vampsploitation. I can't wait to go check out the rest. :)

Jamie Leigh Hansen said...

Jaye, I meant Jaye! Dang keybord. :)

Anna Dougherty said...

I loved this story and immediately put her other titles on my list- like I need a bigger TBR pile but, oh well.

Rain Maiden said...

I am so new here guys. How do I get on board with the Bite Club??

Anna Dougherty said...

Rain Maiden- Thanks for coming by! Getting on board with Bite Club is easy. What we do is choose a vampire book each month, usually during that first week, and then we "meet" at the end of the month. The meeting dates are about 3-4 weeks from the announcement dates, depending on what holidays are going on(we don't want holidays to be a conflict). During the in between times I will post author information and other vampire book information so we don't have any (un)dead time. This also gives us a chance to talk amongst ourselves. I also host contests periodically that gives followers a chance to win our book club choices. Our first chat is this coming weekend and we will have the formal announcement of the November selection shortly thereafter. I have lots of fun posts ready for November and we would love to have you chat with us.