Monday, October 5, 2009

Minion Monday- Jen

I’m normally terrified of filling out About Me sections. So when Anna posted about Minion Mondays I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone and put myself out there. Besides, I had to take advantage of the added bonus of getting to meet all you in the process. Hello fellow minions. *waves* My name’s Jen. I was born, raised and currently reside in Miami, Florida. I’m an executive assistant by day and a book junkie by night.

I love anything and everything having to do with werewolves, shape shifters, witches, wizards, fairies, and, of course, vampires. Currently, I’m reading a lot of urban fantasy but, I’ll read just about anything. With the exception of historical romances. I’m sorry. I’ve tried. I just can’t get into it. I also like graphic novels and comics. In the spirit of getting to know one another I’ll share a secret with you guys that very few people know about me. I have a fierce Marvel Universe card collection.

My TBR pile is out of control. I think if I walk in with another bag from a bookstore my boyfriend will leave me. No seriously, I don’t think he’s bluffing. I included pictures of two TBR piles that don’t fit in my bookshelf at the moment. *whistles while staring at the ceiling* The bright side to this chaos is that my family and friends swing by often to borrow books. They say they’re ‘visiting’ but, you and I both know I’m being used like the public library.

Crap…I think I’m on the verge of rambling. Wait. Can I say crap?

Okay so that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Thank you Anna for coming up with Minion Mondays and letting me exercise my demons. I look forward to chatting with everyone. Have a great one minions. Take care!

Thanks again!



Alicia0605 said...

Dont feel bad my husband told me that I had to read down my TBR pile or I couldnt buy a single new book. I have read 20 books in the past month. I finally got to buy new books!!! Of course what he didnt count on was that I had a whole months worth of books to catch up with so my receipt from B$N made him a little less than happy. I dont think he will cut off my book buying again!!
*evil laugh*

Jen D. said...

Alicia - If he starts with the TBR pile threats I'll have to use this tactic. *rubs hands together like an evil doer* ;-)

Michele Hauf said...

Welcome, Jen! And thanks for stepping out of your 'zone' to let us get to know you.

Daelith said...

My husband commented that he feels like he's going to have some extra support for our second floor because of my TBRs.

Jenna Alexander said...

Go ahead and crap all you want Jen.


Anna Dougherty said...

Thanks again for doing this Jen! I'm hoping that others will follow suit. If you can do it, and I can do it...anyone can! And I loved that you shared your Marvel card collection with us. I love superheroes and when I admit that to people I always get that blank stare. Like it's somehow impossible for an adult to love Batman and the X-men.

Anonymous said...

Michelle - Thanks for the welcome Michelle. There was a lot of pep talking before I submitted my intro but I'm glad I did. =)

Daelith - LOL! I've never heard anyone compare a TBR pile to a support beam.

Jenna - LOL! I shall Jenna, I shall.

Anna - I've gotten the blank stare too many times to remember and it used to irritate me. They way I see it they're the weird ones for not being able to enjoy a good comic book every now and again.

Jen D. said...

This crazy mouse screwed up my post!

Bleh! Someday's you just can't win.