Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reluctant Vampire

Being made into a vampire requires many considerations but in Eternity Embraced, by Larissa Ione, Kaden is turned against his will. This defies his very nature as an Aegis Guardian. Andrea knows she should kill Kaden but she loves him too much to end his existence. As he struggles with his vampire instincts they vow to fight and make his change work for them, to hunt the evil vampires plaguing society. How would you react to being turned into a vampire? Would you embrace the change, viewing the opportunity as a gift? Would revenge become your new middle name? Or would you react as Kaden and Andrea, using the powers of a vampire to infiltrate the vampires and end them once and for all?


Cyd said...

A forced change into vampirism my response would be with anger against those who changed me and then after I calmed down it would be to end the vamps once and for all and then I would play the 30 Days Of Night ending.

Anna Dougherty said...

I'm not sure how I would feel. I suppose it would depend on the circumstances, like saving my life or something. If it was just because the vamps were evil...hell hath no fury. For the sake of my sanity I would have to embrace the change so my eternity wouldn't be spent angry and miserable.

Barbara E. said...

I would be angry, but would have to embrace the change and use it to do what I thought best, most likely destroy the ones that changed me against my will.