Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blessings and Thanks...and a few hot vampires

Today is holiday for giving thanks. This holiday means different things to different people- some celebrate with food, football and family. Some choose to spend the day giving back to the community and helping those that need it. While others just take some time to reflect on the things that truly matter to them. I am grateful for so many things this year and I'd like to take a moment to share.

This year has been filled with so many changes for my family. We moved across the country, my kids switched schools, and we all met many new and interesting people. You can always count on change when you are in the military. We are enjoying our new home- we all had the novel experience of autumn leaves changing color, something we had never seen before, and now we are getting ready for the cold weather of winter, which is also something we've never really done. The nation's capital is such a wonderful place to live, as long as you never have to actually drive anywhere. I am thankful for the opportunity to be so close to the rich history in Virginia. There is so much to see!

I am also forever grateful for my family, near and far. I miss everyone and hope to visit soon. A big hug and kiss for my kids and Flyboy- they will never know how much they mean to me, but I will always try to show them.

I would also like to say Thank You to all the Bite Club minions and followers! This blog has been so much fun to work on and only promises to get better! We have some great authors and books for the coming months. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

And here are just a few of the vampires I am thankful for:

Bright Blessings,

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Michele Hauf said...

I am very thankful for you, Anna, for stepping up and taking charge of Bite Club. It simply could not exist without you. You rock!

Everyone, have an awesome Thanksgiving!