Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where in the World? Just For Fun.

Imagine that your neighborhood or city was a setting in a vampire book. Where would they hide? Could your area support a coven/nest of vampires or would the threat of discovery be too much to handle?

My children and I often make up spooky stories about the places we live. We currently live in the DC area and I imagine that vampires could blend right in here, and find plenty to eat. Large, lush landscapes help to ensure privacy, while bustling cities provide camouflage and food. And besides, politicians are just another form of bloodsucker, right?

So what about you? Could vampires turn your neighborhood into a supernatural playground?


Kris said...

Ok OK I HAD to leave a comment on this one! They would blend in here as much as they blend in in the Sookie Stackhouse books...LOL! Seriously we live in a place much like that and their nice dressing pale selves would stick out like a sore thumb...on the other hand if they drove about an 1 1/2 north to New Orleans than nope no problems there!

Cyd said...

Thanks to automatic garage door openers; and an inexpensive lawn cutting service I’m pretty sure as long as they don’t advertise there blood sucking ways, vampires can blend in just fine around here.