Thursday, November 12, 2009

Primes and Laws: Susan Sizemore titles

Whether it's the Primes Universe or the Laws of the Blood, Susan Sizemore writes some of the best vampires in the genre. Laws of the Blood is a five book fantasy series about the vampires responsible for upholding the laws of their world. The Primes Universe is the long standing romance series that thrills with elements of suspense and soul binding love. The Primes also feature shape shifters.

Laws of the Blood:
1. The Hunt
2. Partners
3. Companions
4. Deceptions
5. Heroes
The short story, Cave Canem, is in the First Blood Anthology.

Primes Universe:
1. I Burn For You
2. I Thirst For You
3. I Hunger For You
4. Master Of Darkness
5. Primal Heat
6. Primal Desires
7. Primal Needs
8. Dark Stranger
A Touch of Harry can be found in The Shadows of Christmas Past, a Christmas themed novella.

What are some of your favorite Susan Sizemore titles?


Derek Tatum said...

I loved the "Laws of the Blood" series. I have not read the "Primes" series, and though I know they are definitely romance, I probably should give them a try. The first Susan Sizemore title I ever read was her "Forever Knight" tie-in "A Stirring of Dust." I liked it better than any individual episode of the show! I'd love for someone to remake "Forever Knight" and use Susan as a creative consultant.

Michele Hauf said...

Derek, I'm glad you mentioned the Forever Knight book! I think they only put out three books by different authors in that series. Such a bummer.

I'm going to stretch way back to Sizemore's pre-vamp days when she was writing some of the most amazing, hilarious, adventurous historicals around. My Own True Love, Nothing Else Matters, My First Duchess. If you can find any of the early Sizemore historicals at a used book store...BUY THEM! You won't regret it.

Anna Dougherty said...

Derek- I didn't know about the Forever Knight book. I should try to find it. I confess that I haven't read the Laws Of Blood, but only because I can't find the first book. They are in my TBR pile and I pick them up when I find them at the store. My list for Amazon grows every time I blog:)

Rain Maiden said...

Dark Stranger is my first Susan Sizemore book. I need to get on board with the rest of you.

Derek Tatum said...

Oh yeah, "Stirring of Dust" is terrific. You could tell that she loved the show; the show was always sketchy about its vampire "rules," and Susan valiantly (and plausibly) tied them all together.

Again I say it: if "Battlestar Galactica" and "V" can be "re-imagined," the same can be done with "Forever Knight." And I'd love to see Susan approached for consulting.