Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Shout Out

It's that time again!! The weekend is upon us and the blogs slow down. So what are your big plans? Any good books? If you've finished Dark Stranger, and without any spoilers, what did you think?

If anyone is interested in being featured in our Monday Minion post, send me an email at and I'll arrange it with you. It's nothing too scary- just a small section about you, your interests, why you like vamp fiction and maybe a pic of your current TBR pile.

Know of any great vampire books that are coming out soon? Have a favorite series that you might want to revisit? I'm always taking suggestions for future book club selections! Just email me with your ideas!

5 comments: said...

how do we get the bite club for my myspace and facebook ?'

Cyd said...

Finished Dark Stranger I liked it. Besides starting Faith Hunter's Skinwalker I don't have much planned this weekend. My anytime to be read pile is down to 3 books.

Already ordered Clare Willis Once Bitten.

My oh my gosh must read is
Molly Harper's 3rd book Nice Girls Don't Live Forever which comes out December 29th.

Jen D. said...

As usual..I'm a day late and a dollar short replying to the Weekend Shoutout. I hate it when my weekends get hijacked. =/

I finished Dark Stranger on Friday and it's definitely different than most of the things I've read recently.


Dot S. said...

I'm brand new here so that is why this is coming in late. I discovered D.B.Reynolds' Vampires In America Series this year and loved both bk#1 Raphael and #2 Jabril. I can't wait until #3 Rajmund comes out in 2010. You may want to consider these for Bite Club.

Anna Dougherty said...

Dot- Thanks for bringing this series to my attention. I'm always on the lookout for new books to read and I have not heard of this series. I'll pop over to Amazon and check it out.