Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Loyalty...or not

At the beginning of the book, when Zoe is preparing to evacuate the ship, we are introduced to her guard, Jazoan. As they are boarding the escape pod Zoe is recognized by a young officer she spoke with at a hospital the year before. Jazoan is not pleased by this and it seems that he would kill to protect her identity. Later, when Jazoan finds her at the prison camp we realize he would kill her to protect the Empire. He is a pretty scary dude with a very literal sense of loyalty and duty. I felt he was almost like a programmed droid and was shocked that he would try to kill her in the name of protecting the Empire. Does this type of thinking really protect her, the Porphyrgia, and the Empire? Or would a more open approach serve better? Were you shocked by his actions? Better yet, were you shocked by what happened to Jazoan in the end?


Cyd said...

Jazoan put Zoe in far more danger by finding her. In a warped since of duty to the empire and being in the dark to long I wasn't all that shocked by the action of a crazied Jazoan, but he need to be stopped.

Anna Dougherty said...

What absolutely shocked me was that they took his body to the Asi. That was such a wicked, and totally logical, thing to do. I was mildly shocked when I realized that he didn't limit his killing to just protecting Zoe, but extended that maniacal thinking to actually trying to kill her. His loyalty wasn't to her at all and I guess that took me by surprise.