Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A turning point

When Zoe first meets Doc Raven she is attracted, to say the least. However, she fights this attraction partly because she is told that exclusive relationships are not encouraged in the camp. In the dark people will look for comfort in all sorts of various ways, including partaking in casual sex. This doesn't appeal to Zoe, especially when she learns that Doc has been with several women in the camp. One woman in particular, Barb Langly, really sets of the jealousy radar when she acts possessive of Doc in front of the others in camp. Everyone seems to understand that Barb is not well and you almost pity her for being so dependent.

I felt he scene where Zoe is compelled to seek out Doc Raven during the blackout is critical for a few different reasons. One, you realize how "connected" Zoe and Raven are becoming. It is Zoe's empath abilities that lead her into the room to begin with and it is her feelings upon seeing Doc with Barb that intrude on his feeding. He feels what she feels. Two, this is when Zoe realizes what Raven truly is- a vampire. Third, because this scene shows how much both people are beginning to care for the other.

Did you feel sorry for Barb when Doc Raven abruptly leaves her to chase after Zoe? What scene did you feel was a turning point in the book?

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Cyd said...

The turning point for me was just before the blackout when Doc telling everyone that is going to go dark and Doc is thinking of getting to Zoe before he says no he had to go to Barb.