Monday, January 18, 2010

Preview of discussion questions

A few readers have asked that discussion ideas be posted in advance of the chat days. My only hesitation has been with spoilers because I don't want to ruin the book for anyone. So my thinking is that I can post the general ideas for discussion, without all the details, and readers will have the basics while they read. I'll try to post a few different discussion ideas about halfway through the allotted read time, maybe over the course of a few days, giving everyone a sneak peak before chat days begin and avoiding as many spoilers as I can.

*Just remember, these are just a rough idea and we still have to wait until chat day to fully discuss!

Discussion idea #1:

Last month we discussed first lines and for Rush of Wings I'd like to extend that out to first chapters. A first chapter needs to really tell the reader what direction the book will take and the first 12 pages of Rush of Wings really demonstrate all that a first chapter should be. A few elements struck me as being important to the upcoming story and I will probably turn many of these points into various discussion ideas for chat day.

1. We not only meet Heather, but we are allowed to glimpse her on a personal and professional level. She is dedicated to her job and catching the CCK seems to be her primary focus, but we know she has a conflicted family element as well. She recalls conversations with her father which leads you to wonder about their relationship. She also talks about her sister Annie and the issues she has.
2. Club Hell is briefly mentioned and we also get a peek at Dante and his band Inferno.
3. The anarchy symbol seems to be an important symbol as is the message left at the crime scene.
4. The chapter ends with Heather wondering if SAC Stearns is capable of sabotage.

That's a lot for 12 pages! On chat day we can discuss all of these ideas and more, including how important first chapters can be.

My question for today is this: Do you think you will enjoy having discussion questions early? Does that help you read for the book club format?


Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting site you've got here. Thanks the author for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.

Gypsy Jane said...

Oooh, yes - thank you! I am about to start the book, so now I know to pay attention to how the first chapter works - I'll be watching for more hints of discussion topics to come.