Monday, January 18, 2010

Apologies for being absent

I want to apologize for being absent the last few days and not having anything book related to post, but I've been rather sick. Blogging was put on the back burner so I could catch some extra sleep. What I did have scheduled seems to have been eaten by the hungry and greedy gremlins at blogger. So...I'm going to spend the day today creating and organizing. Good news: Readers asked for a sneak peek at discussion questions so I'll have those up this week- not all, but some, because spoilers aren't fun for anyone. The upside to being sick is that you get a lot of time to read:)

So, what did you read last week? Any good books?


Cyd said...

I read Joss Ware's Beyond the Night and Nicole Peeler's Tempest Rising last week.

wcvamp said...

Jill Myles- awesome book
Molly Harper 3rd book, i hope there is more.
Shelly Laurenston- Hunting season-way different, but very good (crows & ravens).
Playing with my Nook- so simple, love it.

Cyd said...

Jill Myles 2nd book Succubi Like it Hot is out tomorrow. I like Zane.

Gypsy Jane said...

Just finished Burning Shadows, the newest Saint-Germain book.