Sunday, January 31, 2010

Discussion Question: Club Hell and player introductions

Chapter 2 begins with Heather obtaining admission into the seemingly popular and crowded club. In this scene we learn that Von is more than a bouncer, but his role as llygad is unexplained. The reader is also treated to a seductive feeding scene between Dante, Gina and Jay and we glimpse just how popular Dante is with the club crowd. It also becomes evident that Lucien seems to be in charge of things. When Dante interrupts his playtime because he senses that Lucien is troubled it becomes clear that these cast of characters are important in more ways than one.

Club Hell isn't necessarily the main setting for the story but I felt like it was definitely an introduction to Dante's world. Dante, Inferno, Lucien, and the club scene plays out through the entire novel. The wardrobe, music, and friends can be seen as an extension of Dante's personality. He is fiercely loyal to those he cares for and he takes that role very seriously. This is a crowd that is often misrepresented in books and movies but I feel that Adrian Phoenix gave readers an honest view- one that led to an emotional investment in these characters.

What part of the Club Hell chapter did you feel was most important? Did the description of Club Hell tempt you to learn more about the goth crowd? Would you visit Club Hell? I don't know about you but I really want my own bat winged throne!


Cyd said...

Glad I'm not the only one who wanted the throne. Seeing Club Hell thru Heather's eye and her noticing that the nightkind will protect each other and they were aware of anything and everything that would disrupt, impede or be a danger to the guests.

Jen D. said...

The Club Hell chapter set the mood of the book for me. The watchful eyes of the Nightkind, the emotions of the crowd, the music coming from the cage. It sets you up for an intense ride. Tempted to visit Club Hell, yes. Tempted to learn more about goth, not so much. I think the lifestyle's a little too dramatic for my tastes.

Anna Dougherty said...

Club Hell makes me wish I was young and adventurous again:) I'd definitely go! The cage was really sexy and I could watch Dante for hours- maybe he'd give me one of those kisses in passing deals that he does so well.

And I really want the bat throne!

But you are right- Club Hell would be an intense place.