Sunday, January 31, 2010

Discussion Question: Relationships

Rush Of Wings had so many vital connections between characters and each relationship was flawlessly woven into the storyline. I never felt like it was too much, or too confusing to follow. I simply wanted to know more and each question was answered at the appropriate time.

Dante and Heather: Although the attraction seemed to be there from the start it wasn't acted upon until much later- it was a gradual thing. Heather didn't just blindly accept that Dante was Nightkind, nor did she ignore the obvious. She is dedicated to her job with the FBI and badly wants to catch the CCK- she determines that Dante and the CCK have some sort of connection and vows to find the answers. The answer ends up being much more than Heather ever dreamed. Dante despises authority and shuns it every chance he gets. Nobody ever really sided with him, aside from Lucien, and as a result, he has issues with trust and authority. He is also the only known True Blood.

Lucien and Dante: Dante and Lucien share a complicated relationship. It appears that Lucien is a guardian of sorts, almost a father figure, with Dante playing the role of stubborn, rebellious son. Midway through the book it is revealed that Lucien is Dante's father and he has been hiding Dante's song from his kind. Apparently Dante's Fallen abilities are rare and many would want his power. We are left wondering if the Fallen are as dangerous as Lucien says and those questions are left for another book. When the book ends, Dante isn't sure he can forgive Lucien his secrets.

Von, Gina, Jay, Simone, Trey, Silver: These are all Nightkind that are close to Dante. Gina and Jay are killed early on and through them we see the depths of Dante's emotional attachment, and also his despair. He seeks justice for them and also for those that he cannot remember. Von is Llygad, a keeper for Nightkind and that means he should be impartial, but he is also Dante's friend. That friendship drives Von to help and watch out for Dante, no matter the risk. Simone and Trey are brother and sister and they live with Dante. Trey is like a Matrix style vampire and he jacks into the net. Silver also lives in the house.

Which relationship had the most influence in this book? Did Rush satisfy your romantic bent? Did you enjoy the multiple storylines- the growing attraction between Heather and Dante, the Bad Seed project, Etienne and revenge, Lucien's startling revelations, Dante's memories?


Cyd said...

For me the Gina, Jay, Dante relationship was the most telling, we got to see how far Dante would go for his friend and we got to see Jay's finale reaction when Dante finds him.

Jen D. said...

I don't think one relationship had more influence than another. All the connections are important in one way or another. They're all meant to show you how much Dante cares for the people closest to him. AROW definitely satisfied my romantic bent. I loved the slow build up. Dante and Heather's 'scene' was AH MAY ZEEING! I have to fan myself everytime I think about it. I enjoyed the storylines because they flowed within the story and didn't convolute it.

Jen D. said...

On a side note, I thought Gina and Jay were humans...

Anna Dougherty said...

You might be right on that one and I should have paid more attention- I'll have to check later.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Anna Dougherty said...

Slow build up...exactly the right description for it.

And I have to say- Dante is probably one of my all time favorite vamps! He is so much more than a pretty face, although his face ain't so bad either:) In my mind he was sorta like Brandon Lee in the Crow.