Sunday, March 7, 2010

The End

*Spoiler Alert!! Do not read this post if you do not want to know how the book ends!! Don't say I didn't warn you!

In a move that is very much in tune with her personality, Denise decides that she cannot turn Nathaniel over to Raum and chooses to fight him instead, with the hope that both could get the demon marks removed and then they could kill him. She did not tell Spade of her plan because she feared he might stop her, or be injured in the fight. The result isn't exactly what they hoped for and Denise is forever stuck with the marks. She cannot die unless stabbed through the eye with the demon knife but the drawback is that she will continue to shift. Spade is completely unconcerned with this development because he has Denise- alive and whole. He did not fail her. At the end of the book we are treated to a very touching and emotional scene with Denise at the cemetery, visiting Randy's grave.

Would you have turned Nathaniel over to Raum or would you have tried to fight him as Denise did? Would you have told Spade your plan ahead of time? Did the book end how you thought it would? Were you satisfied with the ending?

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