Sunday, March 7, 2010

Emotional Conflict and Resolution

Spade and Denise come from markedly different backgrounds and part of the conflict, aside from those pesky demon marks, was melding the two personalities together and overcoming some hard-line ideals that each person had about the other. Human values vs. ruthless vampire politics made for a pretty solid brick wall that each person needed to climb and both characters had preconceived notions and judgments to deal with. Because of a painful past Spade swore off taking a human lover and Denise was suffering from the trauma of having her husband killed by vampires.

Denise goes to Spade for help despite her desire to avoid all things vampire and he agrees to help her despite his reservations about humans. When he realizes that she has some pretty extreme reactions to the vampire culture he breaks with tradition to help her feel safe. She suffers from PTSD and feels guilty for having feelings for Spade. Through the course of the book Denise toughens up and finds an inner strength that she hid from before, and Spade comes to grips with his emotional past.

Did you like following the emotional journey with these two characters? Were you happy with the outcome described in the epilogue?

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