Sunday, March 7, 2010

Overall Tone

One of the distinctive characteristics of FDOC is the overall tone, which is dramatically different from the regular Night Huntress books. The books featuring Cat and Bones as the main characters are more urban fantasy, with hot and fast action, more violence, graphic language and scenery, and off the charts sex- all good things to me! The cast is tightly knit and the storyline continues from book to book.

As a spin off book, I felt that FDOC needed to have its own identity to be successful and that is exactly what Frost delivered. Spade and Denise's story features more of a romance, giving the reader a gentler ride which suits the personalities of the characters. That's not to say that the characters didn't have issues to overcome, just that the story was somewhat more emotional, dealing with Spade's painful past and Denise's PTSD.

Did you enjoy the shift in tone like I did? Were you expecting more of a traditional Night Huntress experience? Did you like the changes and feel they helped give FDOC an identity separate from the other books?


Michele Hauf said...

First Drop of Crimson was my first Frost book, so I can't compare the tone, but I have to say now I really need to find the Cat and Bones books and check those out!

Anna Dougherty said...

Definitely try Cat and Bones- you won't be sorry!