Sunday, March 7, 2010

Favorite Lines

The Night Huntress world has always been shaped, in part, by the fantastic dialogue between characters and FDOC was no different. I could hear the seductive sound of Spade's voice in my mind and picture the look on his face when he 'spoke' to Denise. Ian of course was a riot and Bones had some great lines too! Here are just a few of my favorite lines from the book.

Spade: Humans. Aside from tasting delicious, they were usually more trouble than they were worth.

Ian: And angels fly out of my arse when I fart.

Denise: You look pretty good for such an old man.
Spade: Flattery will get you everywhere, darling.

Spade: Runaway from me right now, or I will drink you to death.

Denise: You've got a delusional sense of optimism, you know that?
Spade: It's my secret shame.

Bones: Lucifer's bouncing balls, that's why you're acting like a nutter!

Bones: He's so bloody pissed, he can hardly walk.

Denise: I'm a crazy human female, you know I'll do it.

Denise: I absolutely never needed to know that Ian was pierced down there.

Spade: Here we are, Denise. Ready or not.

What about you? What were your favorite lines from FDOC?

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BookFreak said...

Spade-Shes a beautiful woman, im an attractive enough bloke...

Bones-If we havnt been mates for over 2 centuries, id be tempted to knock you on your arse.

Denise-A vibrator can last all night to vampire.

Ian-im a grown man, i am, i cab blood my handle

Ian-before you go mate turn on the telly something raunchy, too. i think ill rub one of before i sleep.

I dont know if it was just me, but when i read that i was cracking up!

I love you Ian! Ill gladly marry you and become your little vampire vixen! lol.