Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Cast

Kayla and Heath- Zoey's best friend and ex-boyfriend from before she was Marked.

Stevie Rae- Zoey's Okie roommate at House of Night, friend

Erin and Shaunee- Zoey's first new friends. They call each other Twin, not because they are related but because they share the same soul (even a cat chose them both).

Damien- Zoey meets him when she meets Erin and Shaunee. He is an openly gay boy. Zoey and her friends have an open mind about being gay and I found that to be refreshing for a YA title, risky too. Damien is super smart, especially with vocabulary.

Dark Daughters and Aphrodite- These girls are supposed to be like the welcoming committee for the school and act as a sorority. At the moment they are led by Aphrodite, who is in training for becoming a Priestess. Aphrodite's gift is that she gets disturbingly accurate visions of the future. She doesn't always do the right thing because her nature is selfish and cruel. She hates humans...and Zoey.

Eric Night- Eric used to be involved with Aphrodite and Zoey first sees him when he is engaged in an awkward situation. He is a gifted actor and extremely good looking. Eric seems to connect with Zoey on a very spiritual level and wants to see where that leads them. He helps her when she needs it and accepts her friends.

What characters were your favorites? I found the characters to be well written and easy to connect with. Did you instantly dislike Aphrodite as much as I did or was it hard for you to engage with these younger people?


Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

In this book I liked all the characters especially the twins but later I despised them all but yet, I still read every single book. I wish the twins had a larger part cause Zoey is a skeez and whorish. IMHO

Michele Hauf said...

I loved the twins and Damien! I'm still not finished with the story so haven't learned about Eric yet. I do like Zoey, and look forward to following her through the series.

Anna Dougherty said...

I liked these characters and was surprised by how much I want to know what happens next. The twins were so funny, Stevie Rae is so nice and Damien makes me laugh with all his vocab stuff. Still not too sure I would trust Eric so soon but I thought the skeezy ones were the Dark Daughters and Aphrodite.

Athenna said...

I have read all these and i am addicted i need to read them all to find out what happens the charectors and i do think the writeing has improved since the first book , there is not so many pop referances they do not feel as forced as before. They had felt like they were trying to hard to sound like teens.

But i get soo frustrated with Zoey and her love triangles. ugh... and the last book .. ** sigh** if youve read it im sure you understand..

Great look at the cast love it :) thanks

Derek Tatum said...

I thought that Zoey was a hypocrite. She wants to "fit in," yet she internally makes light of Stevie Rae's "rural" accent. Even worse, early in the book, Zoey makes a generalization about goths that bears no relationship to reality. As someone with a noticeable accent (Tennessee in my case) who is also associated with the goth community, these things distanced me from liking the character. This was very disappointing.

On the plus side, I felt that their core concept behind vampirism was interesting and the dramatic potential built into it was well-done.

Anna Dougherty said...

The goth community is almost always misrepresented in books and movies. Sorta sad really. I try to shrug it off most times and if given the chance I ask authors how they researched. There are some decent authors out there that don't mess it up so much- Adrian Phoenix is a good example She felt more authentic to me. Who would you recommend?

Derek Tatum said...

I would overlook it if it was every once in a while, but when it is every f'ing book, it gets on my nerves. This one really took the cake, too. I'm supposed to care if this girl fits in after she makes snide comments about a community I am a part of. I was just very disappointed.

Phoenix is good about it... she "Hollywoods" it up a bit, but her portrayals are sympathetic. Ditto Linda Robertson.