Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day: Vampires might be the key to saving our planet

Here's to an inspiring Earth Day! I won't lecture, as I am wont to do about my causes, at least according to my family, but I will remind everyone that we all know what to do and why. Here's a link for those that might be looking for ways to contribute or volunteer in the quest to save our planet. Even the cast of Vampire Diaries made a choice to go green for a day! Done lecturing.

On Monday, Roxanne over at Fang-tastic books brought up the idea about vampires being environmental/eco-friendly and you should definitely check out her reasons for vampires being green. Alright, now I'm done! Really.

And because I am obsessed with all things True Blood, here is the latest ultra-hot photo of my fake vampire boyfriend, Eric. And by the way, he is nothing like that Twilight kid...even with the long, messy hair! Hairstyles do not a vampire make! Wow, I must be really tired because that sounded a lot like Yoda.

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