Sunday, April 4, 2010

Zoey's ridiculous parents

Zoey seems to be a level-headed 16 year old with more than her share of parental problems. In fact, the only member of her family that she is close to would be her Grandmother. Three years ago Zoey's mother remarried and everything changed, not for the best. John Heffer is a controlling, fake, religious hypocrite that has turned the mother into a weak, subservient woman that doesn't pay much attention to her kids. She is an ostrich that sticks her head in the sand and ignores the issues around her.

As an adult I actually didn't have much of a problem remembering that age. Those years tend to stay with you in memory. These sections were written in a way that struck a chord with both young and old. The arguments weren't all from an angsty teen point of view and instead were a matter of simple human nature. It isn't right to judge and treat people badly.

How did you relate to Zoey and her parents? Did John Heffer make you want to scream? Did you want to slap the mother upside the head like I did?


Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

Those parents I thought she should slap her mom! They were so unrealistic! Its like an extreme way to say, Christians are psycho cults and other religions are cooler. lol

Michele Hauf said...

Yes!!!!! I wanted to scream and yell at those awful parents, brilliantly written by the Casts.

Anna Dougherty said...

Those parents were so terrible! I think a lot of kids could relate to the disconnect- parents that don't see what is right in front of them or hear what is really being said. And the step dad guy was a total jerk and it was sad to see how he controlled everything. It was infuriating that everybody fell for his nice guy act too. Zoey handled them way better than I would have!!

Derek Tatum said...
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The Angel and Demon Within said...

I had my own step-looser growing up. I could really relate to having a mom who ignored all just to keep her new husband happy.

We've recently moved from a tiny southern town where the towns folk and the churches felt more like a cult.