Sunday, May 30, 2010

more random news, notes, and discussion questions

Yesterday's post was rather a long one so I held off and kept some news and notes for today. Some book related, some not. And yes, I know I went a little link crazy:)

*Angel Slayer, a new book in the Of Angels and Demons series by author and Bite Club founder Michele Hauf, hits the shelves so be on the lookout. For an excerpt and more about this book, visit here or here. Michele's next novella, Halo Hunter, is coming out on June 1st, in ebook format only, of which I'll be doing a small side read feature in the next couple of weeks.

*Today is the last day to enter the contest to win a copy of Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth! The winner will be drawn and posted tomorrow.

*Skyler White, our featured author for the month, has the best blog...full of wonderful musings, and links to what's happening all around the web. I have discovered many a good tidbit from visiting over at her site. The latest discovery is Cleverly Inked, a beautiful review site that has books for all ages.

*Also on Skyler's blog is a pdf of discussion questions that she has created for and Falling, fly so I think this month we'll do things a little differently and use some of her questions for our chat days. To get a feel for what we'll be talking about, click over to her site and download the questions. I'm going to choose between 5-7 questions that match up with my notes.

*The Stanley Cup Finals began last night, like I need another distraction or something, and we are a house divided. My son, the hockey ninja, really wants the Flyers to take it all (Sorry Tynga) and I am hoping the Blackhawks end their drought in the quest for the cup. Game 1: Blackhawks 6 Flyers 5. Next game is tomorrow. And if you don't think this relates to vampires, well, it doesn't but you can find some great vampire names in the NHL (Valteri is my favorite).

Okay, I'm stepping off the soapbox now. I actually might have time to read later while the race is on. Another distraction... but I love NASCAR (Dale Jr #88 and Carl Edwards #99) and my brother is presenting the colors during pre-race (wish I could be there to take pictures).

Enjoy your afternoon! Be safe and have fun!


Tynga said...

Oh noes! Shame on your son! lol
I was so happy when I got home after work and my bf told me the Hawks won!
Go Haws Go!
Those violent, vicious and shameless flyers don't deserve to win!

Have a great day <3

Serena DeNardo said...

Im with your son on this - GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!

Cleverly Inked said...

Thanks for Hoping on board and sharing about my site!

Who doesn't like books with bite?