Friday, May 28, 2010

New additions and Saturday shout out

It's that time again. Each Saturday I like to take a moment to bring you any random news and notes from around the blogosphere... and catch up on what awesome new books we're reading, what movies have captured our interest, and whether or not our TBR piles have grown.

First order of business:

I'm super excited to announce that not only are we going to have a new weekly feature here at Bite Club, but we also have a new contributor as well. Jen D. has been a member of our coterie for awhile now and we've discussed in previous posts about making True Blood and the Southern Vampires a selection for the book club. Now we are going to do one better and each week Jen will be bringing us a recap from True Blood Season 3!! Thus, keeping us informed about what's goin' on in Bon Temps and giving me the opportunity to ogle my fake vampire boyfriend, Eric. Although I have to say...Alcide is looking pretty yummy these days. Who knew that the jerkface punk, Flash Thompson from Spiderman would end up being the latest super hot shifter?

So let's show some love to our newest contributor and say hi to Jen! And tune in on Mondays to check out her True Blood recap.

Books, books, and more books:

I'm pretty sure that if I put my mind to it I might be able to construct furniture out of the books in my TBR piles. I have 2 groups now- the ones by my desk which I consider the priority (ARC, review copies, and latest releases from favorite authors) and then I have the ones upstairs by my shelves. Why are they upstairs? Apparently in my infinite wisdom I moved them upstairs and stacked them as I received them thinking I'd be able to organize better, but now they just multiply when I'm not looking. No rhyme or reason to the piles at all, just a towering mountain of books. Not sure when I'll get to them but I'm hoping a long weekend will help. *fingers crossed*

Movies and dvd's:

I finally got to the theater to see Iron Man 2. What an awesome sequel! I was worried that things would get out of control and that they'd make the usual sequel mistakes, but Iron man 2 lived up to all my expectations and more. Mickey Rourke was a brilliant Whiplash, Scarlett was a stunning Black Widow and Sam Rockwell was genius as Hammer. Let's not forget the awesomeness that is Robert Downey Jr. ( I only wish he'd play a vampire someday). I love comic book movies!

Watched Daybreakers too! Has anybody else seen it? I really liked it and thought the worldbuilding was amazing and very thorough. A good scifi/horror movie about vampires doesn't come around very often, but Daybreakers had a very cool story to tell. The vampires are definitely not fuzzy bunny and at times things were very violent and bloody, but isn't that what vampires are all about? Well, unless you like romantic vampires, of which this movie has none, so you might not enjoy it like I did.

This weekend I'm going to try and watch either Young Victoria, A Serious Man, An Education, or Season 2 of the Tudors.


Anonymous said...

young victoria was a rreally good movie

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I need to get through the first season of The Tudors.

I'm pretty sure I could build furniture with my TBR pile too, possibly even a whole house.

Derek Tatum said...

I liked "Daybreakers," but thought the "cure" was confounding to be honest. It is one of those rare movies where the world-building was the real star. I wish it had done better, because I would like to have explored that world more.

Michele Hauf said...

I really liked Daybreakers. Ethan Hawke. Nom. Just watched Young Victoria and thought the casting of Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend was perfection.

If you see A Serious Man let me know what you think. I've been wanting to catch that.

I'm looking to start the entire Buffy series probably next week. I may be reporting on that, as I watch, over at VampChix!

Jen D. said...

Hello fellow Bite Clubers!

I'm stoked to be working on the True Blood Season 3 recaps here at Bite Club. I'm working on an entertaining (and hopefully sweat inducing) preseason kick off post before the premiere on June 13th. Stayed tuned and bring along something to fan yourself off with. Something tells me this Season is going to leave scorch marks!

TBR piles:
Yeah, um, no comment. It's so bad I had to impose a book ban on myself.

Movies, TV and DVDs:
I enjoyed Iron Man 2. I haven't seen part 1 so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to follow along. I was worried for nothing though. I'm in a agreement with Anna...Mickey Rourke was a great villain. And ScarJo was kick ass AND sexy. I need to add Daybreakers to my TBW pile. On a side note, I was watching TV the other day and I saw previews for a new show called The Gates. It looks like it might be about either vampires, shapeshifters or both. Has anyone else heard about it or know what it's about?

Vickie said...

Welcome Jen! And I cannot wait to see the recaps for True Blood Season 3 each week. Scorch marks indeed with Eric the Yum and Holey mackanolie hot Alcide! Just showed the pic to DH and he said, yep, that Sookie is a lucky girl, she can bring 'em. I do love my DH, he's a True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire fan, too and understands my luh-huv of yummy man lustage.
No movies yet, but Lady K and I are going to see Shrek Final Chapter in the morning. Will soon see IronMan2 if at all possible.

I have named the TBR shelves and drawers Mt Git'r'Read.

Anna D said...

Derek- I'm crossing my fingers that it did well enough that they make the sequel because, like you, I would also love a chance to explore the world in more detail.

Michele- I'll let you know about Serious Man. And I probably should watch Buffy someday...never watched and feel like maybe i missed out.

Jen- I've seen trailers for The Gates. It looks like a paranormal Desperate Housewives. I'll probably tune in but I'm not sure if it will stay around...this is the same network that cancelled Eastwick and they seem sort of similar.

Vickie- My husband watches with me too! It's nice that we can talk about the show, compare the books etc.