Monday, May 17, 2010

Notable, but totally random, notes

Really busy trying to catch up on housework, appointments and reading. I need a spell to help with laundry, a clone of myself to help cart kids and dogs around, and another couple hours in each day so that I can read my blog and review books without my eyes crossing. What about that robot in the Jetsons? Why can't I remember her name? Since I am drowning in mommy responsibility and whining just isn't becoming, today's post will be just a few random things that you might find interesting.

*Be sure to stop over at Vampire Wire and see Marta's new banner! I love the font and am totally jealous that she will soon be having tabs! Don't forget that her new book, Nancy's Theory of Style, written under the Grace Coppersmith moniker, will be out and ready for our greedy little hands. And I've heard through the grapevine that Nancy might be stopping by this week to give our resident vampires a little fashion advice.

*VampChix will be having Katie Salidas as a special guest on the 19th. Katie has a fun blog, Written in Blood, and her new book, Immortalis Carpe Noctem is out now.

*Dirty Sexy Books is voting for their Young Adult title which will be discussed in June. I haven't participated in her book club before but I might poke around in June. She has some awesome titles to choose from and voting is open all week.

Happy Tuesday!!


ParanormalBites said...

The robot is Judy, Anna, and I could totally use her when you're finished with her, lol.

LSUReader said...

Rosie is the robot. The rest of the family: teenager Judy, son Elroy, parents Jane and George and of course, Astro the dog.