Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Other Discussion Ideas

I tried to cover some of the main elements from Her Vampire Husband but I didn't get to them all and that was my intention. I'm trying to create more of a discussion and less of a dissection with only my thoughts to bore you, and I want to hear what you have to say. So I'm going to list some of the things that I found to be important or interesting and we can talk about that or you can comment with something else from the book.

Vampire Mythology:
*witches blood is poisonous to vampires
*the Council
*A vampire bite on a wolf causes blood hunger

Magic Rings

The initial plan by Creed and Blu to spy on the other.

Blood Sport:
*wolves capturing vampires and forcing them to fight
*Creed rescues vampires, like Alexandre
*Amandus knowing about it and taking a share
*Ryan's involvement and his plans to betray his clan
*1000 talons

Secondary characters, some from past books:
*Ravin and Nikolaus Drake
*Ivan Drake and Dez
*Lucy Stone and Truvin

So, let's get talkin'! We can use the stuff I've listed or pick something else. Besides, I want to hear what you thought of Her Vampire Husband in general- love it, hate it, somewhere in between- I wanna know.

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tabbetha said...

I LOVED THE BOOK!!!!! The characters were awesome....and the way michele brought two enemies together was GENIOUS!!! i coudlnt put the book down i read it in a day!! and to find out that one of the characters names is one of my sons names was exciting also...Revin is my youngest sons name..! Two thumbs up to Michele and i hope to read more about Blu and Creed!