Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Romance and HEA

Blu and Creed are two of my characters because they had the whole yin-yang personalities and because I appreciated how true to their ideals they remained throughout the book. The romance wasn't lightning quick but it wasn't drawn out in agonizing slowness either. I tend to dislike when the characters fight the attraction to unreasonable lengths, making you scream "Come on already!" and was glad that Blu and Creed didn't do that. They acknowledged the attraction, in due time, and decided to date and get to know each other, partly because Creed was such a gentleman.

They had frank discussions about the wolves and vamps, even the witches, sharing personal stories and over time grew to trust the other. It wasn't just about the sex- although that was pretty rockin' too! Creed even started to like her rainbow hair and if I remember correctly purple was his favorite. Didn't he suggest she do the purple hair all over? I might not remember the exact scene but I cracked up when he talked about pubic wigs in the 17th or 18th century. Can you say creepy?

How surprised were you with the course of the romance between Blu and Creed?
What did you think about the dating concept? Do you like the slow building romance or do you prefer the shotgun romance?


tabbetha said...

the shotgun romance....when you do it that way you hate to love one another....find their flaws from the begining. Blu and Creed grew together as to where most couples would grow apart.

Anna Dougherty said...

It seemed to me that Blu and Creed were building a long lasting relationship and becoming true partners. They had that burning passion for one another but it was paired with similar ideals. They communicated and that was an important part of the romance. They wanted to please the other- like when Creed shows her the dress in the attic, from the epilogue. How totally loving and romantic was that? Loved it!