Friday, April 30, 2010

sink your teeth into this...

Bites from around the web:

*Keeping up-to-date with the release dates for paranormal romance has been made easy with the current list from Vampire Romance Books. If I had my way I would read them all! So many good books to choose from but a few of my top vampire picks are:

Honeymoon of the Dead by Tate Holloway
Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris
Moon Sworn by Keri Arthur

*The 'waiting sucks' campaign continues with more teaser posters. This promo poster is my favorite because as you might have guessed from previous postings, I think Eric is a total hottie. I don't usually groove on the blonde dudes much but there's just something alluring and intense in those peepers.

*Don't forget that you can get a free read from Marta Acosta over at Vampire Wire. The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove is a fabulous YA book that cannot be found in print...yet.

*I just discovered an awesome blog called Demon Lover's Book Reviews and More and she has a smokin' hot Man Candy Marquee that will blow your mind!

*And in late breaking news... I just learned that today is free comic day ! Check out the stores in your area- you might find a cool vampire comic, or if you were me you'd search for Batman. I just love the Caped Crusader!

Well, that all for now. I'm taking the weekend off so I can shift gears and maybe get some errands done and relax a bit. Actually, since it's going to be miserably hot and muggy outside we are having a total wasted weekend at my house. My husband is playing Assassin's Creed on the PS3, the kids want to watch Harry Potter and Peter Pan, puppy is recuperating from surgery, and I am planning on a serious reading session. So basically we will be a family of zombie faces! Cool!

Anybody have cool plans for the weekend? Any good books to recommend? Remember, if you would be interested in doing a guest review for any of the vampire books you've been reading, give me a holler and we'll set something up! I'm also looking to have somebody do a weekly review of True Blood- anybody interested?

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I cant wait for this!!!
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