Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Creed possessed the unique ability to use magic and the witches were not happy about that. He gained this magic before the Protection and he didn't exactly ask nicely if the witches would mind sharing. Part of why he has agreed to he marriage is as a way to atone. When he is caught using this magic (he used it against the wolves when he was rescuing a vampire) he is forced to be shackled, a spell that is insanely painful. If he uses his stolen magic again his bones will be crushed and the shackles will bleed him dry. It speaks to the sort of man he is that he wasn't upset by being punished he was just annoyed that Amandus was there to witness it.

The witches weren't all dour and mean though (Dez and Ravin are awesome), and they actually try to help when the vamps and wolves look to be on the brink of war. They came up with a spell that would repel wolves and vamps, without hurting anyone, and also still allowed for love to happen...only Himself showed up and put the kabosh on that idea. Apparently the Devil likes the thought of two nations tearing each other apart in a violent war- Imagine that.

Was it a fair punishment for Creed to be shackled when he was caught using the magic to save another vampire from the wolves? Or should the witches have been more forgiving? Remember, Creed is responsible for a lot of witches having suffered. Should the witches forgive him after all this time? What did you think of the witchy characters, like Ravin and Dez?


Michele Hauf said...

I love my witches! Still want to do a story that explains their immortality, and how they keep it. It requires a vampire sacrifice. A 'live' vampire sacrifice. Which is another reason why vamps and witches don't really get along.

Anna Dougherty said...

A live sacrifice? I'd like to see how they accomplish that task:)