Thursday, June 17, 2010

Author Spotlight: Charlaine Harris

Doing the spotlight is probably the most difficult thing I do for this blog because the actuality is...I'm not a writer and I feel strange trying to make a biography for people I do not know. The struggle is trying to be clever and might be easier if I had new and exciting information to share but that isn't always the case.

Charlaine Harris, our featured author for June, has an incredibly comprehensive website and blog, and I was surprised to learn many new things about the books and the show. Here's what I learned:

*The Sookie Companion will be hitting store shelves in February! Readers are invited to send in questions to be included in the Q&A section, but only for a limited time- June 17th to June 26.

*Under Charlaine's Causes you can find information about those charities near and dear to her heart. I found the crime lab project the most interesting because we all know that crime labs are not what you see on CSI but how many of us know how to help?

*Her FAQ section is organized into 2 sections- one for the books and one for the show. Definitely a good idea! After being at her signing I realized that many foolish people think she has control over the show and how it's written and/or cast. I was actually irritated to some degree because so many people had questions about the show and that isn't why I attended a signing for an author. Ya know? She was terribly gracious about it, as any good southern woman would be, and I like her solution. So if you have questions about the show, go here (it directs you to the HBO site) and if you have questions about the books, go here.

*Her blog includes a weekly reading list and I am jealous that she's read Changeless (I just haven't had the time lately) and I'm curious to see her final verdict on The Passage (this book sounds awesome to me).

If you want to know more about the Sookieverse, or any of her other novels...visit her website.

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