Thursday, June 17, 2010

Halo Hunter Winner!

The Halo Hunter e-coupon winner is...Scott Romanski!

Scott had this to say about e-readers:

I love e-readers. I'm happy that there is finally a proper market for them. We had one years ago that came out, but the store that it was associated with disappeared and support for the device went away as well. Now, with so many places selling e-books and so many devices, it will stick around.

I held out for a long time as well. I finally bought a Sony touch screen reader. it's fantastic. I've been able to use books from a number of different stores on it(except Amazon and B&N). It's great for traveling. My last trip i was able to read like 4 books between travel time and before bed. That would have been a lot of extra weight to carry around if it was regular books.

Thanks and Congrats! I will have Michele contact you with all the details/instructions. Enjoy Halo Hunter.