Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weres on Wednesday

Weres on Wednesday is a new weekly feature here at Bite Club where I will post about our favorite were books and movies. Sometimes we might even play the 'cast a character' game, but I give you fair warning...I am terrible at casting the books I read and better at simply finding people that I think might be a good character.

Because I am celebrating and mourning all at the same time I thought our first 'Were on Wednesday' book choice could be from the Riley Jensen series. I just finished reading Moon Sworn, something I did slowly, trying to savor every word and experience since this is the last in the series. Knowing that this was the last book with Riley and Quinn, Rhoan and Liander, Jack and the Directorate and heck, even Sal, reading Moon Sworn was quite like riding that demonic tilt-a-whirl at the state fair, with my emotions flying about from happy and joyous to sick and despairing- only to end up back at happy.

I'm not big on spoilers so I won't discuss plot and yelling at me about that won't change a thing. But I did think it might be fun to cast Riley...and don't say Angelina Jolie. I know its tempting to cast her as every badass heroine but she can't be every chick from every book and movie. And let's not forget that Riley has that pixie cut going on and I just don't see Angie chopping off her lovely locks.

My pick is going to be Jennifer Garner- the Sydney Bristow incarnation. I loved Alias!! She's gorgeous, smart, compassionate, and I'm pretty sure she's part chameleon. Remember all those wigs?

So who do you see as Riley Jensen?

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Jen D. said...

Hi Anna! I too am depressed about the Riley series coming to an end. I still haven't read Bound to Shadows because I'm trying to prolong the inevitable.

I liked your Jennifer Garner pick for Riley. I also like Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist) for the part of Riley. I think she may be an actual red head too. ;-)