Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Discussion Questions

DQ 4: Sookie's love life

Sookie is so generous with other people, willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but not so with her vampire lovers. Bill and Eric both try to demonstrate their love with actions but she continues to want more. She seems to resent many of the things that are involved with being a vampire- the politics, the schedule, the restrictions- when others around her are trying hard to accept her love interests, even Jason.

Why do you think that Sookie has such a hard time deciding what her feelings for Eric mean? It can't all be that her experiences have left her completely is it because she can't read thoughts from vampires? Is it a protection instinct from her subconscious, like an inner voice warning her not to give her whole heart? Does she miss being the only freaky thing in the room? Or does the need for normalcy just keep growing stronger?

DQ 5: The evolution of Claude

Selfish stripper to caring cousin? The changes in Claude were so subtle and made a wonderful kind of sense. It fit that he would value what is left of his family connections but also that his ego wouldn't allow him to tell Sookie his reasonings.

How did you like the new and improved Claude? Were you waiting for the other show to drop or did his behavior seem genuine from the beginning?

DQ 6: Happily Ever Afters

Sookie is faced with so many happy and thriving people in this book- Tara and her pregnancy with twins, Jason and Michele, Hoyt and Holly. These relationships are bringing small doses of joy to Sookie and keep her hopeful for the future. However, other couples are a picture of mismatched wackiness- Sam and Jannalynn and Alcide and Annabelle.

What do you think about these relationships? What are your predictions for Sam and Alcide? Will Sookie get her HEA? Who should she end up with?

DQ 7: Victor and Felipe

How do you think Eric will ultimately end up dealing with Victor and Felipe? Will Sookie be involved in that decision or could that possibly be the end for Sookie and Eric (he wants to keep her safe or something)?

DQ 8: Pam and Sookie

Sookie and Pam had an interesting conversation about Eric that I found to be quite revealing because Pam verbalized her concerns about Eric being married to Sookie and how those emotions could be dangerous for them all. It almost seems like Pam would feel divided should the relationship between Eric and Sookie go south.

How do you feel about the unlikely friendship between Pam and Sookie? Overall, how do you like the character of Pam?

*These are just a few of the exciting things that happened over the course of this book and obviously I didn't cover everything. What were your favorite parts? Did the story meet your expectations? What do you want to see next?


Jen D. said...

DQ 4: I think it's a combination of being deeply hurt by her first vampire boyfriend Bill, the fact that she can't read Eric's mind to see if he's telling the truth and anytime she's had to deal with vampires and/or their politics things end up going very bad for her. I think I'd be weary and jaded too. I think it's interesting that she's forced to play out her relationships with vamps like a 'normal' person. Something that she's definitely not used to.

DQ 5: I liked that he had a nice mix of smart*ss and caring cousin. It's always nice to see a character evolve and become more compassionate.

DQ 6: I like that the people around her are thriving. I think that's a big part of what keeps her positive when all else looks bleak. I don't think Sam will end up with Jannalynn and I definitely don't think Alcide will stay with Annabelle. If he does he's an idiot. I really hope that she does get her HEA. I have no clue who will give it to her though.

DQ 7: I hope that at the very least they do away with Victor. I wouldn't be surprised if Sookie plays a part in it. She really does not like that vamp. Not that I blame her. One of the things that stood out for me in this book was her lax outlook with regard to killing people off. I totally get why she feels that way. It's just interesting to see how she's changed.

DQ 8: I think it's cute that they've become buds. Obviously her loyalty will always be with Eric but I think she'd defend Sookie when she felt it was important. I like Pam in the books. She's funny in her own Pam way.

Some of my favorite scenes were Sookie playing the part of Alcide's pack's shaman (what a crazy turn of events there), Dermot actually turning out not to be a crazy person, and that couch scene at Eric's house. *wiggles eyebrows*

I like this book more than the last one. I'm not sure why but it kind of restored my faith in the series. I want to see a little more action in the next book.

iamthehmic said...

Q4- I think that she is still struggling with her feelings because she isn't sure if they are her OWN true feelings or if she is feeling this way because of the blood "bond" that her and Eric share/d. Also her first relationship with a vampire didn't turn out so well and yes that left her jaded. Then Eric isn't always as forth coming with her so she questions his motives. Its tuff to get over these bumps in a real relationship why should it be any different with a vampire? I don't she misses being the only normal one, she goes to work to stay "normal". I think that working gives her that sense of normalcy.
Q5- Claude?? I wasn't so sure on trusting him at first. But I did enjoy the banter between the two of them. I was defiantly waiting for the shoe to drop and then some! The end was weird, not sure what is to come of that if anything?
Q6- What a question!! I am happy to see Jason doing so well. And the others too. Sam and Alcide... these are the 2 guys that could also hold Sookies heart if it were the right time. (Quinn too) So I hope that Sam and Alcide find someone soon and she doesn't end up dead! So that Sookie and Eric can stay together. But I am afraid that that won't be. I hope but I think that at some point Sookie and Eric will separate before the books end, But then I hope that they turn back together and have that HEA! I'm hooked on Eric what can I say!!
Q7-I think that Eric will have to have Sookies help is some way or another in dealing with Victor and Felipe. His intentions may be good and honest, but he will still need Sookies help I think. Plus she always ends up in the wrong place anyway or she's off to save Eric?
Q8- I so enjoy Sookie and Pam. I like that they both are tough and love Eric and that neither bulls**ts around. But it was interesting to see how concerned Pam was, as if she has never seen Eric this way, hummm? Overall I really like Pam, she is funny, kickass, sexy, strong, loyal and a vampire. What's not to love!
I enjoyed the book, could have used alot more sex with Eric! I was thrown off a little by the Dermont,Claude and Sookie in bed thing. I just didn't want that to turn into a new avenue for Sookie because I don't think that Eric shares very well even with her cousins! I just want to see that Eric and Sookie continue their relationship and see it progress even more. I also enjoy seeing Eric a little jealous so making him and Sookie work to be together to make her also realize that "hey I do really love this 900 yr old guy and I want him around me with all him imperfections and craziness too! Can't wait for next book. Know any releases dates?