Thursday, July 15, 2010

new vampire inspired scents from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

*For the sake of openness I will state upfront that I am in no way whatsoever receiving compensation from Black Phoenix. I just really like and enjoy the products that they put out and thought I'd share. So...

My email update from BPAL came the other day and I was thrilled to see that they have a bunch of new vampire scents available. If you haven't tried these products then you are definitely missing out!

Over the centuries, vampires have classified their own kind, and in the past, these classifications became the root of a rough caste system that some vampires still adhere to today. For the most part, though, the terms are now used as loose slang, similar to the way that humans have coined phrases to describe those who share related predilections, tastes, and behaviors. The terms of vampire classification that we have come across are Cicuta, Interfector, Tombeur, Silenti, Transeo, Philologi, Misericordia, Vespillo, and Sanctus.

The Cicuta, also called the Rictus, are least likely to be accepted by human society, and are, sadly, also the least likely to be accepted by other vampires in general. Some vampires have a peculiar adverse reaction to the transference of the vampiric pathogen whereby their physical appearance is drastically altered: They lose their hair, their features become elongated, their eyes protrude, and a permanent and irreversible inflammation of their joints causes stiff movement and a clawlike rigidity in the hands and feet. Cicuta minds function as any other vampire's, but their appearance is so startlingly different that they find it almost impossible to find any acceptance whatsoever among humans or vampires. Usually these afflicted vampires choose to live in isolation, either on secluded estates or literally underground. Occasionally, small groups of Cicutas can be found cohabitating, finding comfort and companionship with those that share their condition. The Cicuta were parodied somewhat in F. W. Murnau's 1922 film Nosferatu.


Dry, dusty rose petals, candle smoke, frankincense, and saffron.

There are two types of vampires that humans, and often other vampires, need to be wary of: the Interfectors and the Tombeur. The Interfectors are ruthless killers, ultimate hunters who view humans as livestock. They are brutal, but not necessarily cruel, and rarely toy with their prey. Universally, Interfectors perceive their transition into the vampiric state to be an initiation into a higher state of being, not transcendent or spiritual in nature, but rather a promotion to the top of the food chain.

The Interfectors' cousins in savagery, the Tombeur, are much more complex in their hunting habits and their perceptions. Like the Interfectors, they perceive their vampirism to be an initiation into a higher state of being and relegate humans to base foodstuffs. Unlike the Interfectors, however, the Tombeur are not straightforward predators, and there is a secondary purpose to their hunt: sexual gratification. They take full advantage of their saliva's hypnotic and psychotropic effects on humans, the mystique that surrounds vampires, the seemingly unnatural attraction some humans have toward vampires, and the potency of the Tombeurs' own sexual drive to lure humans into complex carnal relationships that culminate in feeding. They are consummate seducers, and some Tombeur feed, completely and terminally, on their conquests, while others create henchmen that are little more than sex slaves. Neither fate is something we would recommend to any of our readers.

Ruthless, unfeeling, and inhumanly violent: tobacco, sharp woods, frankincense, and bunn.


Deadly and seductive: vanilla-infused sandalwood, blood musk, antique patchouli, vetiver, lavender, bitter almond, amber, and a trickle of Snake Oil.

The Silenti reject human society completely, and are, quite literally, the living dead. Either due to trauma, sociopathic psychological conditions they possessed while human, or through a desire to embrace this peculiar aesthetic, they adopt many of the stereotypes and trappings of the vampire-as-undead. Some act as monstrous killers, akin to the murderous ways of Interfectors, while others are more peaceable, but no less strange. Most of these vampires choose to live in crypts, haunting graveyards like proverbial ghouls. Many vampire death cults have sprung from the philosophies and writings of Silenti, including the House of Azrael, whose members venerate death itself as the supreme deity and oblivion as heaven.


Grave beauty: Spanish moss, lilac, wisteria, myrrh, and olibanum.

The Transeo are vampires that have assimilated into human society, often reaching positions of power. Among the Transeo there are many celebrated politicians, scientists, businessmen, philosophers, artists, writers, and musicians, and, surprisingly, a large number of influential clergy and militarists. Not every Transeo is an illustrious public figure; many simply desire the comforts associated with reentering society. In the past, most Transeo posed as humans as best they could, concealing their true natures. In the twenty-first century, more and more Transeo are coming out in the open, and they form the backbone of most vampire-acceptance movements.


GA cologne that (almost) blends well into human society: benzoin, orange blossom, cumin, King mandarin, gaiac wood, juniper berry, Calabrian bergamot, Ceylon cinnamon, and blood camouflaged by wine.

The Misericordia, or Tristis, are vampires that are consumed with a longing to regain their lost humanity, some to the point of being driven mad by the desire to be human once more. The shock of their transition into vampirism and the rejection they faced from friends and loved ones was devastating, and it compromises their ability to find solace and comfort. Unlike the Transeo, Misericordia cannot merge into human society, but are relegated by their own grief to the position of outsiders. Their inherent melancholy and morose temperaments make it difficult for them to cultivate relationships with either humans or vampires. Most vampires treat the Misericordia with a fair amount of derision, and they are sometimes hunted by Interfectors who see the perspective of the Misericordia as an affront to their way of thinking.


Eons of grief and unending hunger: magnolia, black currant, castoreum accord, lavender, labdanum, amber, rose otto, and opoponax.

The Philologi are scholars and philosophers that have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of knowledge, utilizing their extended lifespan to further their research. They are usually reclusive, and some were once Transeo that have rejected the bustle of human society in favor of solitude.


Ancient books, crackled parchment, faded incense, and candle wax.

The Vespillo are dedicated to assisting newly infected vampires in understanding and accepting their condition and learning to live with the challenges that vampires face. Vespillo, like the Transeo, tend to become members of vampire-acceptance movements, pushing for a wider understanding of vampires among the human population.


A grounded, earthy scent, evocative of the soul's finer qualities: patchouli, clove, neroli, night-blooming jasmine, sage, and iris.

The Sanctus are considered by some pious vampires to be the saints of their kind, and from what we have gleaned, they are very likely the stuff of myth. These vampires are paragons that possess impossible, phenomenal powers that defy known physics, including the ability to shift shape, turn into a gaseous form, and command other vampires through will alone. The mythological Sanctus are venerated by some, but we have no evidence whatsoever that they truly exist.


Diabolically otherworldly: golden osmanthus, lily of the valley, celestial musk, and frankincense.

And last, but not least:

Because isn't that what this book is really about? Vampire smut: patchouli-infused honey, red musk, red sandalwood, red ginger, pink pepper, Peru balsam, dark Eastern florals, Himalayan cedar, smoky vanilla, bitter clove, and leather.

*For more information about any BPAL products please visit their website. I can spend hours just browsing and reading all the lovely poems and stories that accompany each scent.

I'd love to hear what you think! Did you enjoy the website? Have you tried the products? Let me know what your favorites are!


Jen D. said...

Thanks for this interesting post Anna. I've never come across anything quite like BPAL. I'll keep you posted on which scents I decide to try.

Michele Hauf said...

BPAL rocks! I have so many of their scents, I had to get myself a little holder for all the 'imps' I've bought. Turns out the plastic case for bullets my hubby uses, works swell. Whoda thought?

My fave is Bloody Mary. Love that stuff

Anna D said...

I think I'm going to try VILF this time. I have to wait until my move is finished because that stuff can't be packed by the movers, but I plan on buying quite a few different imps.

Michele- A bullet case? Awesome idea. Great way to reuse and recycle:)

Jen D. said...

Hi Anna and Michele!

Which scents do you currently have from BPAL? I was going to order some but I'm kind of overwhelmed by their selection. Hoping I could get some suggestions...

Michele Hauf said...

Jen, I have a lot. Favs are BLOODY MARY (cherry, chocolate, cream), JACK (Halloweeny spiced peaches; not sure if they have it anymore), INFERNO (cinnamon, though it burns my skin so use few drops in mist for room freshener), BEWITCHED (soft and powdery), SASSAFRAS (root beer-like), LAUDANUM,VELVET, MARCH HAIR, GLUTTON (I like any of the chocolate scents; natch), GROG, just to name a few.

I just counted: I have 58 imps, and have half a dozen of the small brown vials (bigger but can't remember size in oz)

I'd recommend buying imps first to see if you like the scent, then go for the bigger size if you find something you really like. ANd BPAL always sends a few imps along bonus, which is nice of them.

Jen D. said... that's a lot of imps. Now I understand the need for the plastic bullet cases. ;)

Thanks for all the suggestions. Now let's see if I can narrow it down to 6 picks. =)